Meaning of classy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈklɑːsi/

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adjectiveadjective classier, adjective classiest

  • Stylish and sophisticated.

    • ‘the hotel is classy but relaxed’
    • ‘It is an extremely well made movie, and a smart, classy bit of social comment.’
    • ‘The classy curls, gels, trendy perms, and chic colours have not seemed to inspire us!’
    • ‘The atmosphere is quite classy and cool and it's stylishly decorated with lovely leather seats.’
    • ‘The film boasts sharp colours and hectic editing, and everything looks slick and classy.’
    • ‘He is too classy an operator to admit it, but revenge will be sweet.’
    • ‘Shouldn't she wear something classy that doesn't detract from her more cerebral achievements?’
    • ‘It seemed that each course was a classy work by the chef, nicely presented and beautifully named.’
    • ‘During his playing days Jim would always be remembered as a classy, skilful, intelligent player.’
    • ‘In less classy places, there may be a room full of mats, sometimes separated by curtains, sometimes not.’
    • ‘May I be half as classy and decent as you all were when faced with another's pain.’
    • ‘It is a matter of getting issues across in a classy way, as opposed to writing about them in a crass manner.’
    • ‘If you work at the high stakes tables you get a classy vest and a starched white collar.’
    • ‘The pundits came on and said it was so high and mighty and so dignified and so classy.’
    • ‘Thankfully she soon settles down to deliver the sort of classy songs that made her Britain's best soul star.’
    • ‘If you had saved up for a special dinner in classy country house ambience, you'd have been disappointed.’
    • ‘We should never forget that it is possible to be graceful, even classy, under the most intense pressure.’
    • ‘We've all had pears poached in red wine: this version is a bit more complicated, but very classy.’
    • ‘As I said yesterday, I can be both classy and common in equal measure, depending on the context.’
    • ‘Well, it took a couple of seconds for me to realise that this was the brand name for a rather classy watch.’
    • ‘It is quietly confident, classy and brave, traits that it certainly shares with its director.’
    stylish, high-class, superior, exclusive, chic, elegant, smart, sophisticated, fancy
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