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Pronunciation /ˈklatə/

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in singular
  • A continuous rattling sound as of hard objects falling or striking each other.

    ‘the horse spun round with a clatter of hooves’
    • ‘It was almost silent in there, other than the occasional shrill outburst of a young child, or the clatter of a fork falling to the ground.’
    • ‘Emily woke up and flinched when she heard the loud clatter from the kitchen.’
    • ‘The sound of silence was gently broken by the distant clatter of horse hooves.’
    • ‘Its attempts at reducing diesel clatter and eliminating turbo lag have been extremely effective.’
    • ‘Apart from some diesel clatter at low speeds, the engine fades away into the background.’
    • ‘The clatter of cutlery or the sound of high-pitched voices can be positively painful.’
    • ‘The clatter of cutlery and banter filled the hall.’
    • ‘I heard it hit the ground with a metallic clatter.’
    • ‘He wanted to live with the clatter of dishes when entertaining.’
    • ‘The clatter of dishes stopped as she grew suddenly still.’
    • ‘In the narrow corridor, their ears picked up the clatter of footsteps.’
    • ‘There was a clatter of footsteps in the corridor, the thud of boots on the stairs.’
    • ‘The gun dropped with a noisy clatter from her hand.’
    • ‘There was a sudden clatter and I turned to stare at the couple in surprise.’
    • ‘He shivers slightly, his teeth giving a faint clatter, and he winds his arms together over his chest.’
    • ‘My gun dropped to the floor with a muffled clatter.’
    • ‘He threw his knife to the floor with a sharp clatter of metal on stone.’
    • ‘What then was making such a clatter in the kitchen?’
    • ‘The distant clatter of a milk van revives a long-lost, though momentary, reverie.’
    • ‘You could say that the only sound was the cling and clatter of eating utensils hitting the porcelain plates.’
    uproar, racket, loud noise, confused noise, commotion, cacophony, babel, hubbub, tumult, fracas, clangour, crash, clatter, clash
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  • 1Make or cause to make a continuous rattling sound.

    no object ‘her coffee cup clattered in the saucer’
    • ‘she clattered cups and saucers on to a tray’
    • ‘As I walked across the fields I could hear sounds of dishes clattering and chatter could be heard inside the palace walls.’
    • ‘The cotton mills of Bolton no longer clatter with the sound of looms, but they provided the town with a worldwide heritage.’
    • ‘He reached the table and took a seat, hearing dishes clatter a bit.’
    • ‘Inside there was a squeak and the sound of something clattering, then the door swung open to slam against the bathroom wall.’
    • ‘I shifted and the chains clattered; the crisp sounds echoed in the silent office.’
    • ‘Then clattering drums liable to cause clubland consternation start up, sounding like they're trying to lock into a pattern.’
    • ‘The table fell silent except for the sound of utensils clattering against our best china.’
    • ‘I could hear dishes clattering faintly in the distance.’
    • ‘We started to go through the kitchen, to the back door, but we heard clattering and muttering.’
    • ‘He stopped at the closed door, surprised to hear clattering and shattering from within.’
    • ‘That honour goes to the young Rottweiler who clatters its claws against a passenger window and barks loudly as you approach.’
    • ‘The resident cats of the time didn't much like the hissing and spluttering and clattering the device made as it brewed a new jugful, but they came round in the end.’
    • ‘Tomorrow the banging and clattering overhead will resume as the last of the slate tiles are laid, followed by the ridge tiles.’
    • ‘Where is the ancient music of mothers clattering their saucepan lids down Whitehall for their rights?’
    • ‘The Oxford driver understeered heavily off the road and clattered a milestone damaging the front of the car and wrecking the radiator.’
    • ‘But he pulled his kick wide of the right hand post, having earlier clattered a post with a conversion.’
    • ‘The water level had risen three of four metres and we could hear people running and shouting and banging and clattering.’
    • ‘Then he jumps behind his kit and clatters away in ecstasy.’
    • ‘If you roll over at night everything behind you clatters and rattles.’
    • ‘She could hear her mother clattering about in the kitchen.’
    rattle, clank, clink, clunk, clang, bang
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    1. 1.1no object, with adverbial of direction Fall or move with a clatter.
      ‘they heard Sybil's shoes clattering up the stone steps’
      • ‘the knife clattered to the floor’
      • ‘He slowly lowered it, released the clip and let the gun clatter to the floor.’
      • ‘He let the sword clatter to the ground.’
      • ‘He let the gun clatter to the floor, stepping back while shaking his head.’
      • ‘As he does the phone slips from his grasp and clatters to the pavement.’
      • ‘The train we'd caught was one of those ones with three carriages that clatters across the countryside and stops everywhere.’
      • ‘Someone suddenly dived into the man, and the blade clattered noisily to the floor.’
      • ‘Her pen fell out of her fingers and clattered noisily onto the table.’
      • ‘I heard the footsteps clatter down the stairs and I slid down the next railing.’
      • ‘Both spoons clattered down onto the plates causing milk to splash everywhere.’
      • ‘Her footsteps clattered up the stairs, and in a minute she rushed into the room.’
      • ‘She was thinking about going back home when she heard hooves clatter on the bridge.’
      • ‘The horse's hooves clatter along the white, nicely layed rocks.’
      • ‘The sounds of horse hooves clattering on the cobblestone streets and children laughing reached her ears.’
      • ‘The sword clattered across the ground as it slid to a halt.’
      • ‘The knife clattered on the counter as he dropped it and turned to face me.’
      • ‘The mugger's dagger clattered against the pavement.’
      • ‘She bumped into the shelf, and a few books clattered around us.’
      • ‘I jumped when a lunch tray clattered onto the table I was sitting at.’
      • ‘He remembered the sound produced by balls clattering off toys.’
      • ‘Somewhere in the distance the Colombo train clatters north through the night.’
    2. 1.2British informal with object (of a soccer player) foul (an opponent)
      • ‘Bennett clattered Coleman ten yards out from goal’
      • ‘Thatcher clattered into Beckham’
      • ‘Lee Chun Soo has just received a yellow card for clattering into Gattuso.’
      • ‘Yellow card for Frings, who's just clattered into Frank Lampard with his head.’
      • ‘Fernando Morientes is the first to get clattered, by Marcel Desailly in midfield.’
      • ‘Lizarazu gets booked for clattering Chris Sutton over on the right touchline.’
      • ‘Mascherano has just clattered Osorio dead straight in front of goal about 35 yards out with three minutes left on the clock!’
      • ‘He clattered into Addo, conceding a free 25 yards out.’
      • ‘Michael Ball clatters Alexander Hleb for the second or third time - he'd want to be careful or he'll get booked.’
      • ‘Scott Parker clatters a Stuttgart player on the touchline - not the first meaty tackle the chippy former Charlton midfielder has put in tonight.’
      • ‘Poor old Victor gets clattered again, this time by an accidental elbow from Nuno Valente.’
      • ‘They had just gone 1-up and there was only a minute or so left when Pavlovic clattered into the back of me.’
      • ‘Ferdinand's intentions are not an issue, any more than intention is an issue when you clatter someone in the penalty area.’
      • ‘The pattern of play was quickly established, however, when Holt clattered into Jon Keith in the second minute.’
      • ‘Play was held up in added time when Roberts and Abbey clattered into each other both going for a clearing header.’
      • ‘Either way, Al Jaber is the ungrateful recipient after clattering into the back of Joaquin.’
      • ‘The referee played on but Crooks instantly clattered Connell to give Cummings a dead-ball chance from 25 yards which he wasted.’
      • ‘Ilic and Van Nistelrooy had clattered into each other as the goalkeeper gathered a bouncing ball.’
      • ‘Prso makes his intentions known by clattering into Fukunishi.’
      • ‘Harshly, Nikiforov receives a booking for clattering Nakata on the edge of the area.’
      • ‘Scholes floors Hakan Yakin with a tackle that couldn't have been any later if he'd clattered him in the showers after the game.’
      • ‘From the free-kick, Jenas breaks and lays it into the box for Bellamy, who clatters into DeBoer and falls over.’


Old English (as a verb), of imitative origin.