Meaning of claw foot in English:

claw foot

nounplural noun claw feet

  • 1A foot on a piece of furniture, shaped to resemble a claw.

    as modifier ‘a claw-foot bathtub’
    • ‘She caught her breath, seeing a claw-foot bathtub and tiny marble pieces for flooring in the master bath.’
    • ‘I shed my clothes and hopped into the hot bath and settled down with my head resting on a bath pillow attached to the edge of my old claw-foot bathtub.’
    • ‘The new claw-foot bathtub, which should have been draining into the outflow pipe, was instead draining all over the painstakingly selected color-coordinated ceramic tile floor, the result of a hairline crack in its base.’
    • ‘He installed a claw-foot bathtub in the downstairs bathroom and, when he stays overnight, sleeps on a futon atop two pews pushed together.’
    • ‘On the right side of the room was a spacious claw-foot bathtub, filled with bubbles and fragrant water.’
    • ‘He left the parlor to the kitchens in the back, leaving him to slowly lower himself into one of the single claw-foot chairs across from the couch.’
    • ‘Adding a vintage-style pedestal sink, a claw-foot tub, and metal hardware and bath accessories enhanced the bathroom's restful atmosphere by prompting visitors to reminisce about a time when life seemed less complicated.’
    • ‘And when you're ready to retire to the privacy of your own antiques-furnished room, you can slip a CD into the player, fire up the gas-log fireplace, and take a nice long soak in a claw-foot tub.’
    • ‘The remaining bedrooms both feature picture rails and built-in double wardrobes, while the family bathroom is fully tiled in black-and-white and includes a claw-foot bath and separate shower.’
    • ‘Curl up with the scrapbook of Orwell cuttings, including copies of the letters he wrote from Jura, then soak in his original claw-foot bath, before retiring to the bedroom he used for writing - complete with typewriter.’
    • ‘The shower itself was nothing to scream about, just a nozzle in a claw-foot tub, but friends, let me tell you that I was this close to breaking out the pliers and stealing that showerhead for our shower at home.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, I don't live near a lake, and don't have a pool, so I can only experiment with a claw-foot tub full of lukewarm water.’
    • ‘Rooms, up stairwells and charmingly tucked away, have a timeless appeal with antique armoires, floral decor, and claw-foot tubs.’
    • ‘Then there's Boath House, near Inverness, which has a room where romantics can wallow in decadent side-by-side claw-foot baths, or they can venture downstairs and book the double jacuzzi and sauna.’
    • ‘The main bathroom has a cast iron claw-foot bath and separate shower room, while there is another bathroom on the first floor return.’
    • ‘It's a painstakingly restored and gently idiosyncratic place, complete with uneven floors and claw-foot baths.’
    • ‘The suite comprises a claw foot cast iron bath, pedestal wash hand basin and toilet.’
    • ‘Two claw-foot, wingback chairs stood across from the fireplace, facing each other as another claw-foot and short-legged table was positioned between.’
    • ‘Next, in the middle of the wall, was an oval antique mirror with dark wood and claw feet on the stand.’
    • ‘The sides are centred by shells with leafcapped scroll-headed legs and hairy claw feet.’
  • 2Medicine
    An excessively arched foot with an unnaturally high instep.

    Also called pes cavus