Meaning of clawed frog in English:

clawed frog


  • A frog with a flattened body and claws on the hind toes.

    Xenopus and other genera, family Pipidae: several species. See also

    ‘African clawed toads catch their prey by waiting on the bottom of the waterway for something to swim near them.’
    • ‘These tumors were transmitted to unaffected clawed toads by injection of cell-free extract from the tumors, suggesting a viral etiology.’
    • ‘The antidote to this killer may lie with the clawed toad and a global vaccination programme is one possible long-term prospect.’
    • ‘African clawed toads have miraculous regenerative properties in their skin.’
    • ‘Now we focus on the molecular mechanisms involved in the formation of the forebrain pattern using African clawed toads and chicks.’