Meaning of Clayton's in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkleɪt(ə)nz/


informal Australian, New Zealand
  • Not real or genuine; existing in name only.

    • ‘even this Clayton's inquiry was forced to highlight major failures’
    • ‘This could be again another Clayton's promise: the promise you make when you are not really making a promise.’
    • ‘He does not want to be Minister of Defence — he is another Clayton's Minister.’
    • ‘I referred to it as a Clayton's relationship, ie a relationship you have when you don't have a relationship.’
    • ‘Another Aboriginal leader described the motion as a Clayton's apology.’
    • ‘The more cynical may view the recommendation as a Clayton's approval, but to me it is significant.’
    • ‘In fact this is a sort of Clayton's neo-conservatism — the kind to which you are committed when you are not really committed.’
    • ‘How long has this clayton's communications minister been doing the bidding of big media proprietors?’
    • ‘This is a ridiculous Clayton's slur of the kind that is the bread and butter of blogs.’
    • ‘This little article is a kind of Clayton's review of the book.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, they are still dithering, and proposing what their last year's defence policy called 'An air-capable maritime platform', a kind of Clayton's aircraft carrier.’


1980s from the proprietary name of a soft drink marketed using the line ‘the drink you have when you're not having a drink’.