Meaning of clean-up in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkliːnʌp/


  • 1An act of cleaning a place.

    ‘an environmental clean-up’
    • ‘In August, the Wilderness Hiking Association launched a clean-up campaign to clean the Fish River Canyon.’
    • ‘Their efforts will go beyond delivering pep-talks and will extend to involving people in developing waste-reduction and recycling activities and encouraging community clean-ups and environmental improvements.’
    • ‘You are encouraged to help identify flotsam sources, get involved in local beach clean-ups and campaign for responsible disposal of waste by marine industries.’
    • ‘Also included in the programme this summer are community projects, environmental clean-ups, education, training and careers advice.’
    • ‘The clean-up of this environmental disaster will take a long time and Yorkshire Water have helped shorten this process with their offer.’
    • ‘The Government announced the major clean-up campaign last year, partly in a bid to reduce the rising rates of patients who acquire infections from their stay in hospital.’
    • ‘He said five years ago he promised to campaign for the clean-up of Killarney's lake shores and the removal of overgrowth which obstructs scenic views.’
    • ‘The clean-up and environmental improvement have been listed as the top task of the city in the first 10 years of the century.’
    • ‘Without such growth we will not be able to pay for environmental clean-ups, for education, for health improvements, for restorative justice, or for public transport.’
    • ‘When neighbourhood clean-ups are organised, we should not be hiding behind the curtains.’
    • ‘Co-ordinated oil pollution clean-up operations continued throughout yesterday and were set to continue today and in the days ahead.’
    • ‘"Recently, we carried out a major litter clean-up in the park and this work is continuing.’
    • ‘The aim of this competition is to encourage regular, voluntary clean-ups of the area.’
    • ‘In the community, he hopes to initiate a major spring clean-up in his ward.’
    • ‘Put on your shorts, tee and sneakers, and do a quick clean-up from the party.’
    • ‘The river clean-up continues this week with the felling of trees along the bank.’
    • ‘The taxpayer will have to foot the clean-up bill, which could top €30 million.’
    • ‘The council will highlight the cost of clean-up bills to the taxpayer.’
    • ‘Major sewerage and pollution clean-ups and restoration of natural habitats are thought to be behind the improvement.’
    • ‘In addition to organizing clean-ups, they also invest in beautification projects.’
    1. 1.1An act of putting an end to immorality or crime.
      ‘a clean-up of the more open violence had begun’
      • ‘The clean-up rate for crimes stood at a mere 20.8%.’
      • ‘Political considerations, apparently, have delayed a clean-up of the most serious twin crimes of any bureaucracy - inefficiency and corruption.’
      • ‘The clean-up operation involved searching the buildings and targeting criminals operating from the buildings.’
  • 2Baseball
    usually as modifier The fourth position in a team's batting order, usually reserved for a strong batter whose hits are likely to enable any runner who is on base to score.

    ‘L.A.'s cleanup hitter smacked a fastball over the left-field fence’
    • ‘During that time, the Yankees showed how much they miss their cleanup hitter.’
    • ‘He is an excellent cleanup hitter who makes contact and delivers in the clutch.’
    • ‘He's a dependable No 5 hitter who might develop into a cleanup hitter.’
    • ‘When he did play - usually against left-handed starter - he often batted cleanup.’
    • ‘Gonzalez would bat cleanup and play right field or be the designated hitter.’