Meaning of clear-eyed in English:



  • 1Having unclouded, bright eyes.

    ‘a handsome, clear-eyed young man’
    • ‘She is a clear-eyed, athletic woman in her forties and one of the few certified tree-climbing teachers in the country.’
    • ‘He was a good-looking kid, six-two or six-three, clear-eyed, with an easy smile.’
    1. 1.1Having a shrewd understanding and no illusions.
      ‘he was clear-eyed about the film industry’
      • ‘It's a more clear-eyed assessment of the realities of the situation there.’
      • ‘You have to make a clear-eyed assessment of the disaster's impact on your business over the next year.’
      • ‘A committed writer since the mid-1960s, she has been equally clear-eyed about the publishing world, a world that has only recently brought her the full measure of respect long accorded her by serious readers.’
      • ‘The report is a clear-eyed look at what has to be done.’
      • ‘It's nice to find a balanced, clear-eyed appreciation of the species in all their agony and ecstasy.’
      • ‘But she, as keeper of the home, is more clear-eyed.’
      • ‘She had always steeled herself for economic collapse, but in the end her decision to retire was based on the prospect of other, and, in her clear-eyed view, insurmountable, challenges.’
      • ‘Even if you believe that he was responsible for the economies of the 1990s, we're in a different world now and I hope voters would be clear-eyed about what he actually did and didn't do in office.’
      • ‘It's a clear-eyed portrait of complexity and contradiction and an assertion that it all fits, that it all belongs, that we can throw open the doors and let it all in, because it's already been admitted.’
      • ‘Hopefully, we'll see a continuation of the current trend toward clear-eyed investigative reporting about the global reach of the immensely profitable drug industry.’
      • ‘The article is one of the more clear-eyed I have seen.’
      • ‘Once citizens have constructed a clear-eyed, dissenting version of our situation, perhaps politicians can also be liberated from exaggerated fear.’
      • ‘Thanks to a clear-eyed reader, the dossier link is here.’
      • ‘Small and slim, it is portable, pocketable, and, once finished, should be left in a coffee shop to grow tatty with attention or abandoned in a pub where its clear-eyed wisdom might seep into the smoky air.’
      • ‘But I think we should be clear-eyed about both the costs and the benefits of copyright law, and both the costs and benefits of the alternatives.’
      • ‘While I gained a more clear-eyed view of today's corporate media realities, it was somewhat sad to lose the illusions I had harbored up until then.’
      • ‘Even at a time when a jaded public will cheerily presume the worst about its ‘upstanding’ figures, this clear-eyed dissection of a lie shows just how much the truth can hurt.’
      • ‘A few may go off the deep end screaming about human rights, but there are others which are both clear-eyed and clear-headed while being concerned about human rights.’
      • ‘Such a clear-eyed perspective as offered by a leading economist is refreshing, welcome and must surely add to the voice of activists and advocacy groups around the world.’
      • ‘But if we're going to cut and run, let's at least be honest about what we're doing and clear-eyed about the consequences.’
      discerning, shrewd, perceptive, astute, penetrating, observant, percipient, sharp-witted, sharp, quick, quick-witted, keen-witted, alert, clear-sighted, sharp-sighted, clear-eyed, far-sighted, far-seeing, acute, clever, canny, intelligent, insightful, judicious, wise, sagacious, sage, sensitive, intuitive, understanding, open-eyed, aware, thinking, discriminating