Meaning of clear one's throat in English:

clear one's throat


  • Cough slightly so as to speak more clearly, attract attention, or to express hesitancy before saying something awkward.

    ‘he cleared his throat and spoke loudly’
    • ‘Sarah had to clear her throat before answering’
    • ‘Matt awkwardly clears his throat and begins to speak.’
    • ‘I coughed, partly to clear my throat, partly to demand full attention.’
    • ‘He was suffering from a heavy cold which caused him to sniffle, blow his nose, cough and clear his throat throughout his 135-minute performance.’
    • ‘Some flip through their programs, interested in educating themselves about the history of the piece to be performed, others reapply lipstick, and a gruff old man clears his throat before turning to speak to his formidable looking wife.’
    • ‘And then I heard the sound of someone clearing their throat to get my attention.’
    • ‘I laughed and gave him a peck on the lips again before we heard someone clearing their throat to gain our attention.’
    • ‘The sculpture emits a series of noises: the artist coughing, sniffling, clearing his throat, yawning audibly, sighing.’
    • ‘Coach let us sulk for a minute or two, until finally clearing his throat, drawing our attention back to him.’
    • ‘He coughed once, clearing his throat as the three turned and looked at him.’
    • ‘Josh just shook his head before clearing his throat to get some attention again.’
    hack, hawk, bark, clear one's throat, hem, croak, wheeze, gasp, choke, struggle for breath, fight for air