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clear out

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phrasal verb

  • 1clear something out, clear out somethingRemove the contents from something so as to tidy it or free it for alternative use.

    ‘they told her to clear out her desk by the next day’
    • ‘I'm afraid you'll have to clear your desk out by the end of the day.’
    • ‘Hospital and nursing home patients were cleared out and truckloads of water, ice and ready-made meals and rescue and medical teams were put on standby.’
    • ‘All flower beds have been cleared out, trees have been planted, shrubs have been pruned and a general clean-up is takin place around the village.’
    • ‘Come January, the shops are cleared out overnight.’
    • ‘In addition, the basement of the dorm was cleared out to provide storage and operating space for the college outdoor club.’
    • ‘When the house was cleared out, Dad took the tools home.’
    • ‘This week we are forced to raise further questions after it emerged that the museum at the hotel has been cleared out.’
    • ‘Well, the pond has been cleared out, filled with soil and now awaits planting as a bog garden.’
    • ‘It read: ‘To the person who clears the house out.’’
    • ‘We spent the first three months just clearing it out.’
  • 2 informal usually in imperative Go away.

    • ‘Okay people, nothing to see here. Now clear out!’
    go away, get out, leave
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