Meaning of clear the table in English:

clear the table


  • Remove dishes and cutlery from a table after a meal.

    ‘afterwards, he cleared the table and washed up’
    • ‘A small Thai girl who completely cleared the table with ruthless efficiency did not go unnoticed.’
    • ‘Nobody will ask you to clear the table once you are finished.’
    • ‘In his haste to clear the table, he'd clumsily knocked most of the papers onto the floor.’
    • ‘I cleared the table, keeping my disappointment at bay.’
    • ‘It had become second nature for me to clear the table for Mrs. Yates.’
    • ‘Their plates were empty and Susan set about clearing the table.’
    • ‘He hailed them and hurried over to chat for a few minutes while Max cleared the tables.’
    • ‘Nurse Thomas smiled shyly as she moved quickly around the room, clearing the tables for the tea trays.’
    • ‘Regular staff prepare the food, a semi-permanent crew sets and clears the tables.’
    • ‘She broke their gaze and went back to work on clearing the table.’