Meaning of clearer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈklɪərə/


  • 1British A clearing bank.

    ‘The clearers and most merchant banks prefer to secure their advances by floating charges.’
    • ‘The Big Four clearers have also come under fire from the Treasury select committee over excessive profits being made on the accounts held by Small & Medium Sized Enterprises.’
    • ‘This compares to interest rates of 0.1% offered by most high street clearers on their current accounts.’
    • ‘In effect the Bank was conducting the rescue by itself, with the clearers being used only so that there could be a pretence to the public that normal credit lines were being extended to those being rescued.’
    • ‘But the high street clearers are now fighting back against their scrooge image.’
  • 2A person or thing that clears away obstructions.

    ‘a chemical drain clearer’
    • ‘Public health reformers and slum clearers in the mid-nineteenth century consciously sought to improve urban living and to protect and create key commercial spaces for further development.’
    • ‘I am especially proud of the full-time staff members who have worked their way up from labor positions - who went from lot clearers to skilled technicians who can perform any task on the golf course.’
    • ‘In a group of 73 mine clearers working for a single charity in seven countries, 92 traumatic injuries were sustained, 15 percent of which were fatal.’
    • ‘A power line had also come down, but the road clearers were able to secure it round a tree.’
    • ‘On the other hand elephants modify the landscape as they are forest or woodland clearers, path makers and diggers of water pools.’
    • ‘One day the Norwegian mine clearers bring up a huge metal mechanised flail, beat the mines out of the earth and lay out a football pitch.’