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  • A climbing plant of the buttercup family which bears white, pink, or purple flowers and feathery seeds. Several kinds are cultivated as ornamentals.

    Genus Clematis, family Ranunculaceae

    ‘Of note is the purple clematis which climbs up the wall.’
    • ‘Clematis alpina is usually among the earliest clematis to bloom in the spring.’
    • ‘Plant climbing flowers like morning glories or clematis at the foot of the arch.’
    • ‘A few days later and the squashed plants have recovered, the trellis doesn't look quite so glaringly new and the clematis is about to flower.’
    • ‘Wisteria and clematis vines cover the arbors, while Boston ivy and trumpet vines link the two levels.’



/ˈklɛmətɪs/ /klɪˈmeɪtɪs/


Latin (also denoting the periwinkle), from Greek klēmatis, from klēma ‘vine branch’.