Meaning of cleric in English:


Pronunciation /ˈklɛrɪk/

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  • A priest or religious leader, especially a Christian or Muslim one.

    ‘Based on what you just got through saying, the senior clerics have no use for this guy.’
    • ‘Constantly, they are being seen with Muslim clerics and visiting mosques.’
    • ‘He was a well-respected figure and considered a relatively moderate leader in a party ruled by hardline Muslim clerics.’
    • ‘A Muslim cleric and additional copies of the Koran are coming in soon.’
    • ‘My father is descended from Muslim clerics in Rembang and my mother is from Jepara, which is also strongly Islamic.’
    • ‘Soon there is a shortage of Muslim clerics worldwide, but many arrive from the revitalized Middle East.’
    • ‘On an invitation by the clerics of a church, Shyam had rendered a Puranadra Dasa composition.’
    • ‘What happens if there's another radical cleric who comes forward and mobilizes these people?’
    • ‘Now, the bomb exploded as mourners attended the funeral of a pro - government cleric.’
    • ‘Women cannot preach to men, but female clerics ministering to women are not uncommon.’
    • ‘Listening to this elderly cleric, rambling on about the woes of the world, he can scarcely believe his luck.’
    • ‘He was caught in Aberystwyth, west Wales, in September after a suspicious local cleric reported him to police.’
    • ‘He was a formidable athlete as well as a notable Westmorland cleric.’
    • ‘He taught his son all the magic he knew and sent him from wizard to sorcerer to cleric to learn more.’
    • ‘It has a warrant for his arrest in connection with the murder of another cleric.’
    • ‘The officiating minister for the wedding was the chief cleric, who was dressed in his finest robes.’
    • ‘He's one of only five living Grand Ayatollahs and is Iraq's most senior Shiite cleric.’
    • ‘A leading Somali cleric, however, said such violence was the result of what he called oppression.’
    • ‘I had expected something of the ghost in the machine philosopher rather than a sober minded cleric.’
    • ‘He handed a copy to each cleric and their aides, after which he sat down and watched their reactions.’


Early 17th century from ecclesiastical Latin clericus ‘clergyman’, from Greek klērikos ‘belonging to the Christian clergy’, from klēros ‘lot, heritage’ (Acts 1:26).