Meaning of clerical error in English:

clerical error


  • A mistake made in copying or writing out a document.

    ‘Unfortunately what I received was an education lacking in concern, severely dated and administered by a system plagued with clerical errors.’
    • ‘Be particularly vigilant when you open an account, as it is possible for clerical errors to creep in when details are input.’
    • ‘Memorably, Moby once described his recent success as the result of a series of clerical errors.’
    • ‘In this case it would appear that a clerical error has resulted in a letter being sent to the patient and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.’
    • ‘A clerical error had put 20 years on the 13-year-old girl.’
    • ‘A school spokesman said: ‘We apologise for the confusion caused by a minor clerical error.’’
    • ‘In Hounslow, in west London, hundreds of people arrived at polling stations to find they had been struck off the register owing to a clerical error.’
    • ‘‘It is a clerical error,’ he explained, ‘and not my clerical error.’’
    • ‘Some of the most frequent causes for failure included clerical errors, calibration errors, random errors, and errors caused by faulty testing materials.’
    • ‘‘Issues such as minimal tag loss, forgetting to sign a card or other minor clerical errors should not lead to any sanctions on farmers,’ he said.’
    • ‘Volume overload, bacterial contamination, and ABO haemolytic reactions to the transfusion resulting from administrative or clerical errors are further risks.’
    • ‘I will address the criminalisation of farmers resulting from simple clerical errors.’
    • ‘The nomination meeting isn't going to be decided on the basis of a clerical error.’
    • ‘I'm delighted for everybody who has done well today but sad that I was denied the opportunity because of a clerical error.’
    • ‘I believe it was a terrible clerical error, but I think that obviously the first version should have been torn up, and it did not happen.’
    • ‘Of course, their omission from the list may simply be a clerical error, but if this is the case, it needs to be corrected.’
    • ‘If challenged they will claim the rules are unclear, or that a clerical error has been made.’
    • ‘And I know for a fact that the people at the Faction do not make clerical errors.’
    • ‘But the clerical errors, of course, might have been worse.’
    • ‘But clerical errors can cause a lot of damage to a lot of people.’