Meaning of clianthus in English:


Pronunciation /klʌɪˈanθəs/ /klɪˈanθəs/


  • An Australasian plant of the pea family, which bears drooping clusters of large scarlet flowers.

    Also called glory pea

    Genus Clianthus, family Leguminosae

    ‘Your clianthus is infested with Carnation Tortrix caterpillars.’
    • ‘When A stands for abutilon, B for bougainvillea and C for clianthus, we must be in a conservatory where the temperature never falls below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.’
    • ‘Clianthus formosus, the desert pea from Australia, is a spectacular shrub when in flower.’


Modern Latin, apparently from Greek kleos, klei- ‘glory’ + anthos ‘flower’.