Meaning of click farm in English:

click farm


  • A commercial enterprise that employs a large number of people to repeatedly click on items of online content in order to artificially inflate statistics of traffic or engagement.

    ‘click farms could play a significant role in potentially misleading consumers’
    • ‘Their secret technology is an offshore click farm.’
    • ‘Fraudulent likes originate from click farms, fake accounts and malware.’
    • ‘Many click farms pay wages well below American minimum wage.’
    • ‘If click farms are such a big problem, what about the trustworthiness of other content online?’
    • ‘Click farms have become a growing challenge for companies which rely on social media measurements.’
    • ‘The manager of the click farm said some of the methods he used were legitimate.’
    • ‘Click farms are the sweat shops of the online world.’
    • ‘Click farms are very difficult to track as it is almost impossible to differentiate them from legitimate clicks.’
    • ‘Be careful about choosing to do business with a click farm.’
    • ‘Business for click farms is booming, with clientele ranging from celebrity singers and movie stars to startups.’