Meaning of click one's fingers in English:

click one's fingers


(mainly US snap one's fingers)
  • Make a sharp clicking sound by bending the last joint of the middle finger against the thumb and suddenly releasing it, typically in order to attract attention in a peremptory way or to accompany the beat of music.

    ‘He followed me around, snapping his fingers and making sounds as if calling a puppy.’
    • ‘He looked at me for a moment in utter confusion, then snapped his fingers as if he suddenly realised who I was.’
    • ‘The sound is tight, polished and overall very slick, right down to the backing vocalists (you can just visualise them clicking their fingers to the beat with wide smiles on their immaculately groomed faces).’
    • ‘I do wish though that he would not loudly click his fingers to the music during this.’
    • ‘I step over toward Dann, snapping my fingers for attention.’
    • ‘Nicolas suddenly snapped his fingers in front of my face, startling me back into reality.’
    • ‘They watched cartoons in silence for a few moments until Chris suddenly snapped his fingers and stood up.’
    • ‘Noel watched her intently and suddenly snapped his fingers right in front of her face.’
    • ‘Steph suddenly stopped and snapped her fingers.’
    • ‘I snapped my fingers thinking a sound could jolt her attention.’