Meaning of clicks and mortar in English:

clicks and mortar

Pronunciation /ˌklɪks ən ˈmɔːtə/


  • Used to refer to a traditional business that has expanded its activities to operate also on the internet.

    Compare with bricks and mortar

    as modifier ‘a clicks-and-mortar strategy’
    • ‘It's going to pay off from the marketing machine that retailers will build, including clicks and mortar as part of it.’
    • ‘There will be a crossover between clicks and mortar.’
    • ‘‘Banking today is more about clicks and mortar than bricks and mortar,’ he said.’
    • ‘She is trading her clicks and mortar crown for a more traditional way to make money.’
    • ‘Fund managers are not yet entirely persuaded that the clicks and mortar combination is a winner - in the case of Egg at any rate.’
    • ‘I fundamentally believe that the clicks and mortar companies will win this war.’
    • ‘Patton encourages firms to form internal, but separate, Web teams to build their e-businesses, based on the experiences of three successful clicks and mortar companies.’
    • ‘But she says the clicks and mortar model of opening some physical branches is ‘not something we are planning at the moment.’’
    • ‘The clicks and mortar approach suits us because we already have a local infrastructure in place through our existing outlets.’
    • ‘Bricks and mortar banks are also adapting to a clicks and mortar future.’