Meaning of client confidentiality in English:

client confidentiality


mass noun
  • The principle that a business or individual should not disclose confidential information about a client to a third party.

    ‘a spokesman for the bank's solicitors declined to comment, citing client confidentiality’
    • ‘a breach of client confidentiality’
    • ‘He, of course, could not comment because of client confidentiality.’
    • ‘Some members argue that responding to the request for information would breach client confidentiality.’
    • ‘They were not trying to protect people who were not paying tax, but they could not break client confidentiality.’
    • ‘Since he was bound by client confidentiality he would not give out any information in his response.’
    • ‘While he declines to provide the exact data, citing client confidentiality as the reason, he did explain the thought process.’
    • ‘The company has refused to comment on its work, citing client confidentiality.’
    • ‘Assimilating data from the various sources is not easy when the requirement of maintaining client confidentiality is considered.’
    • ‘The judge accepted that the reason she did not reveal the encumbrances was because, in the absence of consent, their disclosure would have involved a breach of client confidentiality.’
    • ‘A firm which practises a strict code of client confidentiality will be put in a difficult position to provide references.’
    • ‘He has declined to comment on the grounds of client confidentiality.’
    • ‘The fundamental principle of client confidentiality should have prevented her from making a complaint in the way she did.’
    • ‘All the probation areas studied by Emma stated that client confidentiality must be maintained.’