Meaning of climatology in English:


Pronunciation /klʌɪməˈtɒlədʒi/

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mass noun
  • The scientific study of climate.

    ‘the role of clouds is one of the big conundrums of climatology’
    • ‘The manuscripts provide a written testimony to the skill of African scientists, in astronomy, mathematics, chemistry, medicine and climatology in the Middle Ages.’
    • ‘Among these are astronomy, climatology, ecology, evolutionary biology, geology, and paleontology.’
    • ‘Such measurements of hours of bright sunshine have limitations when applied to the study of climatology of grapevines.’
    • ‘We can study pollution, deforestation, agriculture, climatology, global warming, species migration, and other aspects of man's interaction with the planet.’
    • ‘My dad studied climatology, and he was sent there for a few weeks to study the rapidly changing tropical climate.’
    • ‘First, we look at the mean climatology (i.e. are the large scale features of the climate reasonably modelled?’
    • ‘The next ice age could be up to 1,000 years or more away - a short period in climatology but a comfortingly lengthy one for us.’
    • ‘However, he had always been interested in geophysics, and also became fascinated with the developing fields of meteorology and climatology.’
    • ‘What impact has this glut of information had on the practice of the two disciplines of meteorology and climatology?’
    • ‘Backcasting has historically been used in the fields of ecology and climatology to monitor population trends and climate patterns.’
    • ‘Because the deniers are so out of tune with this overwhelming scientific consensus, they have been forced to turn on climatology itself.’
    • ‘This remarkably fortunate coincidence is known among scientists as ‘the Goldilocks problem of climatology.’’
    • ‘Amongst the group were experts in environmental management, ecology, geology, palaeontology, climatology and economics.’
    • ‘A network of micro-satellites as a constellation around Mars would characterize the 3 - D structure of the atmosphere, giving a new look at Martian climatology.’
    • ‘If you get unusually warm weather late in the fall, people want to give it a name, but it's really just part of the normal climatology.’
    • ‘During the late 1970s researchers again observed dramatic changes in sea-surface temperature, ocean circulation, and climatology.’
    • ‘The described field experiment does support the feasibility of using the STAR scheme to derive a frame of reference for solar UV climatology.’
    • ‘For one thing, we have made enormous advances in climatology.’
    • ‘As a result, academics at Swiss universities are among the world's best-qualified to assess long-term trends in mountain climatology.’
    • ‘Indeed, part of the problem with discussion of the topic is that non-scientists are often too willing to pontificate about matters of climatology.’