Meaning of climbdown in English:


Pronunciation /ˈklʌɪmdaʊn/


  • A withdrawal from a position taken up in argument or negotiation.

    ‘a humiliating climbdown by the government over economic policy’
    • ‘After comprehensively rubbishing the claim, the climbdown was then all the more humiliating.’
    • ‘Fears of a national firefighters’ strike have been quashed after a climbdown by bosses in the year-long wages row.’
    • ‘I guess the climbdown was because a TPO would have netted them almost as much adverse national publicity as the Windermere 10 mph speed limit.’
    • ‘The England players called off their strike last night, but a statement of angry intensity should halt talk of a climbdown.’
    • ‘A conservative election candidate who was deselected after a row over vote-rigging has been reinstated after a climbdown by party chiefs.’
    • ‘In what is seen to be a climbdown, the Scottish Executive announces an amendment will be laid down in the bill aiming to repeal Section 28.’
    • ‘Plans for a £40 million supercasino on Southend seafront today looked dead in the water after a Government climbdown.’
    • ‘The move signals a major climbdown by the Government on its much-vaunted plans to appoint elected mayors through the referendum process.’
    • ‘The Government has signalled a partial climbdown on the Gambling Bill by restricting the number of supercasinos in the first phase.’
    • ‘Last night the council was forced into an embarrassing climbdown after it admitted it had mistakenly told people there would be no charge.’
    • ‘But union sources believe that GE will face a humiliating climbdown at the Ayrshire plant.’
    • ‘Now red-faced Department officials have been forced into a climbdown.’
    • ‘However, this should not be regarded as a climbdown on the manager's part so much as a strategic withdrawal.’
    • ‘With the council's big Conservative majority, such a climbdown looks unlikely.’
    • ‘It has been forced into an embarrassing climbdown and humiliating surrender.’
    • ‘The discovery of files by North Yorkshire Police has led to the embarrassing climbdown.’
    • ‘The radical proposal looks too much like a climbdown for the government to take seriously.’
    • ‘This was an appalling climbdown which exposed the inept manner with which the implementation has been undertaken.’
    • ‘But if it was a concession, it never amounted to a climbdown.’
    • ‘But we are entitled to expect something better than the overblown claims and ignominious climbdowns that are their hallmark.’
    climbdown, backdown, retraction, concession, about-face, U-turn, rowback