Meaning of climbing frame in English:

climbing frame

Pronunciation /ˈklʌɪmɪŋ freɪm/

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  • A structure of joined bars or logs for children to climb on.

    ‘Residents say the children are using the structure as a makeshift climbing frame to get on to the roof at night - deliberately damaging the scaffolding as they go.’
    • ‘The finished playground will include climbing frames, greenhouses, propagation tunnels and woodland space which will be ideal for building dens and a barn.’
    • ‘All the traditional features, such as climbing frames, swings, see-saws and slides, can be seen but there is so much more besides.’
    • ‘Children are welcome and there is a playground where the climbing frames are designed to look like cotton mill machinery.’
    • ‘It was a close second to Newbury for swings, climbing frames and other playground attractions.’
    • ‘The youngsters, Joel and Benedict, climb backwards and forwards over their father and his chaise longue as if on a playground climbing frame.’
    • ‘We can use the climbing frame in the park playground or benches for doing modified press-ups.’
    • ‘These are just some of the many considerations that you need to take into account when choosing your kids climbing frame or play structure.’
    • ‘It has swings, a slide, a climbing frame, big and small roundabouts, a couple of see-saws, a springy and picnic benches.’
    • ‘She said Jack even joins in the fun and enjoys shooting down the playground's slide and scaling up its climbing frame.’
    • ‘Outside you would have all the climbing frames and tents for them to play in.’
    • ‘We plan to have climbing frames, soft play equipment, laser quest and party rooms.’
    • ‘The huge, and free, Penguin Village welcomes tinies aged 3-12 into a world of bouncy castles, football, climbing frames, basketball and theatre.’
    • ‘The time to just tell teenage girls to climb up ropes and go up climbing frames has gone.’
    • ‘Since last August, the trust has raised more than 3,000 for the new play area which is expected to include climbing frames, swings, springy rides and a play wall.’
    • ‘Ideas include traditional swings, roundabouts, climbing frames and slides, as well as skate boarding half-pipes and sports pitches.’
    • ‘The floor of the leisure centre's main sports hall is covered with colourful climbing frames, crawl-ways, footbridges and ladders.’
    • ‘Steps have been taken to improve the ‘management of risks’ associated with external climbing frames, it said.’
    • ‘Look at it this way: the councils build parks and climbing frames for kids of three, four, five, six years of age to play on.’
    • ‘They want to warn other parents to watch for outdoor toys that can be affected by heat and make sure that climbing frames are safe before use.’