Meaning of climbing perch in English:

climbing perch


  • A small edible freshwater fish which is able to breathe air and move over land, native to Africa and Asia.

    Family Anabantidae: three genera and several species

    ‘He cites the walking catfish, climbing perch, and mudskippers as other examples.’
    • ‘The fish is called climbing perch since it can wander across land to find new habitats.’
    • ‘Both climbing perch and walking catfish are also likely to compete with native species for both food and space.’
    • ‘Since the meat of the climbing perch is tasty, it is often dug up from its muddy type of hibernation as a food source.’
    • ‘Typically climbing perch are gray to green in color, with one dark spot at the caudal base and another just behind the gill plate.’