Meaning of clingfish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈklɪŋfɪʃ/

nounplural noun clingfish, plural noun clingfishes

  • A small fish occurring mainly in shallow or intertidal water, with a sucker for attachment to rocks and other surfaces.

    Family Gobiesocidae: several genera and species

    ‘It is the most widespread of 4 species of clingfish in the family Gobiesocidae found in British seas.’
    • ‘Sonora clingfish live under rocks, to which they cling, and in little or no water.’
    • ‘His research interests are leatherjackets, clingfishes, biodiversity in shallow reefs and the Leeuwin Current.’
    • ‘Pressure difference adhesion and a kinetic pectoral girdle thus allow the clingfish to exploit a food resource unavailable to many other predators.’
    • ‘Lumpsuckers and clingfishes have sucker attachments that help them hang on to rocks so they aren't buffeted by the waves.’