Meaning of clip-clop in English:


Pronunciation /ˈklɪpklɒp/

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(also clippety-clop)
in singular
  • The sound of a horse's hoofs beating on a hard surface.

    ‘the clip-clop of horseshoes ringing against the roadway’
    • ‘For a moment the only sound was the clip-clop of hooves on the tarmac.’
    • ‘It was calm and peaceful; the only sound was the clip-clop of the horses' hooves and the chirping of the birds.’
    • ‘I smiled, looking at Brandon as he clapped his hands together making a clip-clop of horse's hooves.’
    • ‘The hallway creaked, the rain beat the roof like the clip-clop of a horse's hooves, and beds squeaked as children climbed wearily into them.’
    • ‘Then the clip-clop of hooves on cobblestone resounded in her ears.’
    • ‘Midnight's shoes, like the other mounts, were wrapped in cloth bags to dampen the clip-clop sound horseshoes make on cobblestones.’
    • ‘I was silent for a while, listening to the clip-clop of our horses' hooves, wishing for a rest of both body and spirt.’
    • ‘The roar of motorcycle engines will drown out the clip-clop of horses and jarveys when more than 1,000 bikes parade through Killarney tomorrow.’
    • ‘Neighs, whinnies, and snorts, along with the clip-clop of hooves as the horses tore through the camp, made it all but impossible to hear.’
    • ‘Jynx imagined that if the streets had been wide enough she would have heard the steady clip-clop of horses drawing carriages to market.’
    • ‘He heard the clip-clop - splash of horses walking through water and looked up.’
    • ‘Without the clip-clop of cavalry or neigh of a prince of Windsor, the state opening of the Scottish parliament went off this week.’
    • ‘If she listened carefully, she would hear the clip-clop of Muthassan's wooden clogs at the gate.’
    • ‘She was about to run for it when she heard a loud clip-clop.’
    • ‘Hundreds of feet clopped against the cobblestones of the road, adding the gentle clip-clop to the swelling voices.’
    • ‘Hearing the clip-clop of her shoes, he looked up as she approached.’
    • ‘The clip-clop of Dr. Vraille's shoes drew closer and Parie pressed back against her hiding place.’
    • ‘The scuffling of boots and the softer clip-clop of a woman's heels brought his thoughts from Caroline.’
    • ‘They heard the clip-clops of the horses and the whip of the driver.’
    • ‘I heard the far away swish of the treetops way above my head, I heard the clip-clops as Arianna fled the scene, I heard Malem's heavy breathing.’


(also clippety-clop)
no object, with adverbial of direction
  • Move with a clip-clop.

    ‘the horses clip-clopped slowly along the street’
    • ‘Carriages being pulled by horses clip-clopped along the coble streets and their masters whipped them to pick up the pace.’
    • ‘As the horses clip-clopped along, their riders sat relaxed, talking animatedly.’
    • ‘Last night there were 15 or 20 police on horses clip-clopping down my street at 11.30 p.m., keeping children and everyone else awake.’
    • ‘The cobbled roads wound their way through the city, spinning an intricate web, while taxis and food carts clip-clopped slowly down them.’
    • ‘Ducking trees and clip-clopping along, we climbed the hill behind the backpackers.’
    • ‘He loaned Bunyan £100 for a horse and wagon and the couple clip-clopped up the A6.’
    • ‘They clip-clopped along the semblance of a path at a constant but jerky pace.’
    • ‘Sometimes I can hear the horses whinnying, hooves clip-clopping up the street.’
    • ‘In 1861, horse-drawn wagons clip-clopped to the top of the newly completed carriage road in a plodding three hours.’
    • ‘But as we clip-clopped off down the lane, I was nervous.’
    • ‘All the buildings, dating from the colonial era are painted deep yellow, which made a glorious contrast to the deepening blue sky as we clip-clopped around.’
    • ‘Two seconds before I started crying, I heard heels clip-clopping from down the hallway.’
    • ‘I clip-clopped down to him, and slid my hand into his.’
    • ‘Kate's boots clip-clopped as she skipped to the board.’
    • ‘They quietly clip-clopped into their stalls, and let the helping-hands fasten the ropes to the doorways.’
    • ‘Ryre's mind drifted back into the present as his horse clip-clopped its way to the front of the livery stable and stopped.’
    • ‘Horses drawing carts clip-clop along the unsurfaced roads and gypsy children run barefoot in hot pursuit.’
    • ‘She clip-clops into the adjacent meeting room to grab a pile of cardboard mock-ups.’
    • ‘Carriages clip-clop down streets filled with picture-snapping families.’
    • ‘Thus, I learn that shoe fetishes traverse all worlds and there's loads of us clip-clopping around the big white government building on Dili Harbour.’


Late 19th century imitative.