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Pronunciation /kləʊn/

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  • 1Biology
    An organism or cell, or group of organisms or cells, produced asexually from one ancestor or stock, to which they are genetically identical.

    ‘vines representing all the 15 existing clones were planted’
    • ‘Only full-length genomic and cDNA clones, including genes with in-frame stop codons, were analyzed.’
    • ‘Moreover, three longer genomic DNA clones were identified during screening of a fosmid C2 - Idf library.’
    • ‘Molecular markers derived from cDNA and genomic DNA clones were from the tomato high-density linkage map.’
    • ‘In plants, large genomic DNA clones from one species were mapped by FISH on chromosomes from related species.’
    • ‘The triploid and aneuploid clones studied yielded viable seeds whose number per fruit was strongly dependent on the pollen donor.’
    • ‘Three independent clones derived from each allele were pooled and sequenced.’
    1. 1.1A person or thing regarded as an exact copy of another.
      ‘guitarists who are labelled Hendrix clones’
      • ‘But then, when this particular bunch of Delhi youngsters decided to take it on, they perhaps knew only too well that copying the clones doesn't come easy.’
      • ‘If you are a human being who lives on Earth, you have probably been exposed to other humans beings who are not your exact clones.’
      • ‘All day long, she had been dealing with the clones, the carbon copy popular masses.’
      • ‘Hire an exact clone and the odds are good that the problems that exist now won't go away and new opportunities will go undiscovered.’
      • ‘The clones were also exact replicas of the egg donors, rather than third parties.’
      • ‘The cloning team plan to make both male and female clones.’
      • ‘There have been clones and copies, some of them successful, like Hitman.’
      • ‘Because no sperm has been used and no second parent is involved the resulting embryo is an exact genetic copy of the donor - a clone.’
      • ‘They're clones, all wearing similar long jackets, all with the same stern face and chilling stare.’
      • ‘‘I would never perform on stage with my clone but with my twin the classic humour and relationship shows through,’ Lynda said.’
      • ‘The other clones contained copies of related genes or were false positives.’
      • ‘The science fiction story about a character called Daniel and his clones will be released with 200,000 copies.’
      • ‘This is the first clone human known and is an exact copy of the mother.’
      • ‘Other scientists have promised to produce human clones within the year.’
      • ‘ACT received global criticism last year when they announced the creation of the world's first human embryo clones.’
      • ‘And the clone troopers look a lot like the storm troopers they will become.’
      • ‘At the start, the Jedi are fighting alongside the clone troopers.’
      • ‘Just for the record, I think everyone should have their own clone army.’
      • ‘Nobody can stop me; the Duck clone army is more powerful then ever.’
      • ‘Now he was running from what looked like a clone army of Smiths.’
      double, living image, replica, lookalike, clone, copy, reproduction, twin, duplicate, exact likeness, facsimile, counterpart, mirror image
    2. 1.2A computer designed to simulate exactly the operation of another, typically more expensive, model.
      ‘an IBM PC clone’
      • ‘Taiwanese computer maker Elitegroup is to grow its family of Palm clones with three more models.’
      • ‘Everyone knows that the majority of Activision's extreme sports titles are basically Tony Hawk's Pro Skater clones designed to look like other sports.’
      • ‘Even Samba is just a Unix clone of a Windows client.’
      • ‘This cost a lot of companies a bundle, until they figured out IBM PC clones were where it was at.’
      • ‘The Computeractive clone was to have been called Connect.’
      • ‘Stop wasting your time posting to this site and get going on ridding your Windoze clone of spyware and viruses.’
      • ‘People would buy the clone instead of the real Mac, which meant less money for Apple.’
      • ‘But many years ago a small company named AMD started to make Intel CPU clones and at a cheaper price.’
      • ‘PCs Limited was the original brand of IBM clones made by Michael Dell in his Austin dorm room.’
      • ‘IBM clones would run rings around Apple just like the last cloners and Jobs would find a way to shut it down.’
      • ‘It was sent details of Taiwanese mobo maker PC-Chip's plan to build a Palm clone PDA at that price.’
      • ‘That's what happened to the founder of Eagle Computer, an early maker of PC clones.’
      • ‘Compaq's history goes back to cracking the IBM PC and creating a new market for open clones.’
      • ‘To do this they will build a processor by the end of 2003 that is a clone of an AMD processor that is a clone of an Intel processor.’
      • ‘People forget that the years in which Apple allowed Macintosh clones were among its darkest.’
      • ‘Via also now has the rights to sell microprocessors, but not clones of Intel products.’
      • ‘If linux wants more markets, they need to understand the owners who don't have servers and clones.’
      • ‘And then there is the price competition - is the local notebook maker really able to compete with the rebadged clones marching out of Taiwan?’
      • ‘So, make sure to load the clone while disconnected from your production network.’
      • ‘‘We make a clone of the drive and work on the duplicate drive,’ said Mr David.’
  • 2informal (within gay culture) a gay man who adopts an exaggeratedly macho appearance and style of dress.

    • ‘According to Levine, the gay clone was the product of traditional masculinity and the self-fulfillment ethic.’
    • ‘The bar culture changed in the 1970s and the macho gay clone emerged.’


[with object]
  • 1Propagate (an organism or cell) as a clone.

    ‘of the hundreds of new plants cloned the best ones are selected’
    • ‘The big news in science this week has been the Monash University research into cloning stem cells for use in repairing damaged nerves.’
    • ‘Who could argue that the money and brain power devoted to cloning stem cells could not be better used on something else?’
    • ‘Suppose in the future effective treatments for heart disease are developed using cloned stem cells.’
    • ‘Too many people think cloning cells for the fight against disease is the same thing as creating Frankenstein's monster.’
    • ‘Only three of them avoided the speculative angle, dealing respectively with anatomy, ethical issues and why cloned cells die.’
    • ‘This would have a low risk of rejection since cloned cells would contain the patient's own DNA.’
    • ‘The antibody positive cells were cloned by limiting dilution method.’
    • ‘British scientists will be given the right to clone human cells.’
    • ‘These cloned stem cells outcompeted the existing blood stem cells.’
    • ‘The process pioneered by Korean scientists is not hard to understand: they have cloned the cells of 30 patients, creating a perfect genetic replica of the original.’
    • ‘Two bills currently being debated by the U.S. Senate seek to resolve the question: should scientists clone human cells?’
    • ‘If this research is going to succeed, if we're talking about gene therapy, you have to clone some cells, don't you?’
    • ‘Individual cells were cloned into drops of medium and grown for 3 days prior to screening for drug resistance as described above.’
    1. 1.1Make an identical copy of.
      ‘developers are planning to clone a historic Liverpool terrace’
      • ‘Machines can be cloned simply by copying these resource files.’
      • ‘He now had cloned organs, perfect copies of the originals, but still carried the scars from his loss.’
      • ‘Well, Antinori is widely-tipped to become the first person in history to clone a human being.’
      • ‘I know how to clone magnetic-strip cards, using a strip of video tape and a few other items, but I'll keep this a secret!’
      • ‘We've seen just how easily an identity can be stolen, and personal details cloned.’
      • ‘Advanced Cell Technology holds the distinction of being the first to clone an endangered species.’
      • ‘The plants were cloned field-collected ramets.’
      • ‘Is there anything environmentally good about these new technologies, such as, say, cloning almost-extinct species to save them?’
      • ‘But cloning animals is still a hit-or-miss affair.’
      • ‘As emotionally complex an issue as cloning animals is, it's also dangerous, perhaps cruel and illegal, and almost totally unregulated.’
      • ‘Advanced Cell Technology of Worcester, Mass., has already cloned an endangered animal: the gaur, a humpback relative of the cow from Southeast Asia.’
      • ‘Research has been going on for many years to investigate the possibility of artificially cloning animals.’
      • ‘Early in 2001, she and a team of scientists became the first to clone an endangered species, the oxlike Asian gaur.’
      • ‘Professor Rangsan also said plans are underway to clone other species, including water buffalo, cats and leopards.’
      • ‘Residents are being warned that they may get a call out of the blue asking for security and pin numbers enabling thieves to clone bank cards.’
      • ‘Cash machine crime is increasing in Surrey and there have been incidents of cards being cloned after thieves tampered with machines.’
      • ‘The film also looks ahead, examining the possibility of cloning the mammoth, should DNA be recovered during the upcoming scientific studies.’
      • ‘Fraudsters can easily clone credit cards by using a skimming machine.’
      • ‘Investigators say that some hijackers have resorted to cloning an entire company by incorporating under a similar name.’
      • ‘Multiplicity amusingly saw cloning as the answer for the businessman who was forced to spend too much time at work.’
    2. 1.2Biochemistry Replicate (a fragment of DNA placed in an organism) so that there is sufficient to analyse or use in protein production.
      ‘we have cloned DNA sequences added to the ends of the linear plasmid’
      • ‘The fragments were cloned and DNA sequencing demonstrated that they actually corresponded to cDNA with proper intron splicing.’
      • ‘The amplified fragments were cloned and sequenced.’
      • ‘This fragment was cloned and sequenced to verify its integrity.’
      • ‘Amplified fragments were cloned, sequenced and confirmed as being derived from the relevant cDNA.’
      • ‘Therefore, we cloned a fragment of the yolk protein cDNA.’
      copy, reproduce, duplicate, make a copy of, make a replica of
    3. 1.3Illegally copy the security codes from (a mobile phone) to one or more others as a way of obtaining free calls.
      ‘Hackers can clone mobile phone SIM cards in minutes, and make calls at their victims' expense.’
      • ‘Imei can be used to clone illegal copies of a compromised phone and force the victim to pay phone changes he or she didn't incur.’
      • ‘Also seized from the residence were over 150 cellular phones and several computer systems with extensive documentation on cloning cellular phones and computer hardware.’
      copy, produce a copy of, make a facsimile of, duplicate, replicate


Early 20th century from Greek klōn ‘twig’.