Meaning of close-minded in English:



  • Having or showing rigid opinions or a narrow outlook.

    ‘close-minded condemnation of people he knows nothing about’
    • ‘You're just an old-fashioned, close-minded fool who is stuck back in the dark ages!’
    • ‘Those members should not think in a close-minded way just about tax cuts.’
    • ‘However, this self-assured ease does seem to leave native English speakers with the reputation for being linguistically close-minded.’
    • ‘Ideas that seem close-minded are shunned, despite the validity of some.’
    • ‘Being prejudicial and close-minded is a recipe for disaster.’
    • ‘So much for the myth of an intolerant, close-minded conservative.’
    • ‘The problem isn't because I'm close-minded; the problem is due to all the open-minded people out there.’
    • ‘An informed voter is not close-minded, and will look closely at each candidate.’
    • ‘Close-minded producers felt that audiences would never accept a full-blown orchestra booming out of nowhere.’
    • ‘Here's my final word on our topic, as I have better things to do than deal with close-minded fanatics.’
    • ‘I've never met anyone so close-minded in my entire life.’
    • ‘This comment is rude and just shows what how close-minded some people are.’
    • ‘But he thinks that their melodramatic idealism and close-minded fervor cannot be defended.’
    • ‘People who are close-minded experience ambiguous situations as threatening.’
    • ‘Is the skeptical community becoming reactionary and close-minded?’
    • ‘He has lived his life in close-minded condemnation of people he knows nothing about, content with his bigotry.’
    • ‘Scientists are supposed to be cautious, not close-minded and bigoted.’
    • ‘Close-minded and uncivil, this tendency betrays what's liberal in liberalism.’
    • ‘It is exactly this close-minded point of view that creates a restrictive environment in the media.’
    • ‘She's so naive and close-minded that it scares me.’
    intolerant, illiberal, reactionary, conservative, ultra-conservative, conventional, parochial, provincial, insular, small-town, localist, small-minded, petty-minded, petty, close-minded, short-sighted, myopic, blinkered, inward-looking, narrow, hidebound, dyed-in-the-wool, diehard, limited, restricted, inflexible, dogmatic, rigid, entrenched, prejudiced, bigoted, biased, partisan, sectarian, discriminatory