Meaning of clowder in English:


Pronunciation /ˈklaʊdə/


  • A group of cats.

    ‘most of us aren't looking to bring a pack of dogs or a clowder of cats’
    • ‘They had no kids, a clowder of cats, and a beagle, which Donna was walking on a long leash.’
    • ‘She currently resides in Virginia with her husband, daughter, and a mighty clowder of cats.’
    • ‘If someone is permanently hosting a large, caterwauling clowder, I still think the onus is on the cat lover to reduce the population in a humane way.’
    • ‘I am subjected to hours of the none-too-pleasant screeching, grating, and disturbing howls of an amorous clowder all through spring.’
    • ‘It's lovely to hear about your cat clowder.’
    • ‘I haven't heard how he or his clowder of kittehs is doing.’
    • ‘The clowder of kitties featured are mischievous, cuddly, jerky, funny, clumsy and, as always, adorably furry.’
    • ‘The whiskered clowder of cuteness is currently living in foster care.’
    • ‘"Paw Warz" by The Pet Collective is a cute Star Wars parody starring an adorable clowder of kittens.’
    • ‘The science illustrator has creatively illustrated an adorable clowder of cats as comic book superheroes, villains, and zombie hunters.’
    • ‘When I next saw Sophie, about a year later, she had been sent to live outside for the sake of harmony in the clowder.’
    • ‘Looking through the list the fattest cats of the CEO clowder, there aren't many who have her credentials.’


Early 19th century from dialect cludder‘clutter’, probably related to clot.