Meaning of co-religionist in English:


Pronunciation /kəʊrɪˈlɪdʒ(ə)nɪst/


(also coreligionist)
  • An adherent of the same religion as another person.

    ‘it is very sad that these people call themselves my co-religionists’
    • ‘This gesture earned our admiration and respect because rarely do leaders of any religion admit that their co-religionists have committed wrongs against others.’
    • ‘It deals with truth and error, with behavior towards co-religionists and religious opponents, and with the coercive power of the state.’
    • ‘Does that go as far as shopping co-religionists for any indication of heightened religiosity?’
    • ‘Romanian Protestant churches conduct their services in the same manner as their American coreligionists, employing Romanian pastors who are subordinated to various local American jurisdictions.’
    • ‘This seems to me the language that is rightly used among coreligionists within the church, not between state officials and citizens in a criminal proceeding.’
    • ‘For Phil and his co-religionists, there is no distinction between prophecy and self-fulfilling prophecy.’
    • ‘Many wanted him to continue paganism, but he got Christian and his land was taken over by German co-religionists.’
    • ‘And to what extent is it proper for religious authorities to try and influence their co-religionists who happen to occupy these posts?’
    • ‘Here is a man whose co-religionists in 1840 did not have freedom of religion in England.’
    • ‘Christian members of the cabinet were used to persuade their co-religionists.’
    • ‘He intended to secure for all time a religious and civil equality for his co-religionists.’
    • ‘A society where the interests of your family, tribe, or coreligionists are generally put ahead of the ‘common interest’ will have a tougher time building a successful, modern political and economic infrastructure.’
    • ‘His trance-like universe of moral relativism was disturbed when he met a group of his coreligionists who promised him answers and certainties, if only he renounced his wayward path and became a true believer.’
    • ‘Sometimes we have to talk badly about our people, which can mean our fellow citizens, our racial or ethnic group or in this case our coreligionists.’
    • ‘As a political liberal who is also a devout Baptist, I have grudging admiration for my conservative coreligionists.’
    • ‘You're motivated by and, in fact, are permitted under current law to hire coreligionists, people who believe as you do.’