Meaning of co-sleeper in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkəʊˈsliːpə/


  • 1 Trademark A cot that attaches to the side of a parent's bed to facilitate feeding and comforting of an infant at night.

    ‘I had a co-sleeper next to my bed for the first four months’
    • ‘I got more sleep during the first three months having my sons in the room with me in a mini co-sleeper.’
    • ‘I had a co-sleeper next to my bed for the first 4 months.’
    • ‘After three months in his co-sleeper we all felt like my grandson had graduated from college when he made the switch to his big boy crib.’
    • ‘It's hard to make yourself believe that you have 15 minutes to take a shower while your baby is in its co-sleeper but they really will be OK.’
    • ‘My first child was a great sleeper and at 4 months old moved seamlessly from her bedside co-sleeper to a crib.’
    • ‘She suggests maintaining a safe sleep space for baby by using a co-sleeper so that it's easier for moms to get back to sleep after nursing.’
    • ‘The recommendation is back to sleep in a bare crib or bassinet, or a co-sleeper.’
    • ‘Since our canopy curtains are velvet I wrapped the co-sleeper mattress in one of my red velvet blankets.’
    • ‘He naps in his cosleeper or on my lap.’
    • ‘We inherited a co sleeper from a friend, so Eryn slept in that in our room for the first six months.’
  • 2A parent or child who engages in co-sleeping.

    ‘as new parents, he and his wife were co-sleepers, sharing their bed at night with all three of their children’
    • ‘I ended up allowing Keenan to become a co-sleeper out of pure exhaustion.’
    • ‘We never set out to be co-sleepers.’
    • ‘We're weighing pros and cons of a king size mattress and becoming full on cosleepers.’
    • ‘I come from a family of co-sleepers, so it was more of an instinct than a choice.’
    • ‘My son was an even more challenging cosleeper.’
    • ‘Early cosleepers demonstrated the most independence with their peers.’
    • ‘A lot of parents don't believe they are active cosleepers because they start the baby in the crib but move the baby into their bed at 2 or 3 in the morning.’
    • ‘Tina has two children and one grandchild—all born at home and all cosleepers.’
    • ‘If I volunteer that I myself seem to be a co-sleeper, then the person I am talking to will often confess that he or she is a co-sleeper, too.’
    • ‘When you are both ready for that step, remember bedtime cuddles will be all the more important, as she is a co-sleeper, and is used to that contact.’