Meaning of co-tidal line in English:

co-tidal line

Pronunciation /kəʊˈtʌɪd(ə)l/


  • A line on a map connecting points at which a tidal level, especially high tide, occurs simultaneously.

    ‘Apply oceanographic principles for the development of co-tidal lines and tidal zoning.’
    • ‘Instead, as is shown on the map, most co-tidal lines lie at a marked angle to the longitudes and some are even perpendicular to them.’
    • ‘Co-tidal lines run in the southwest direction in the southern coast of Korea.’
    • ‘When the co-tidal line of high water (the wave crest) is situated at one side of the amphidromic point, the co-tidal line of low water (the wave trough) is situated at the other side.’
    • ‘While developing his theory on the wave characteristics of light, he showed how the propagation of tidal waves could be represented on charts as a series of co-tidal lines.’