Meaning of coals to Newcastle in English:

coals to Newcastle


  • Used in reference to the supply of something to a place where it is already plentiful.

    ‘it might seem like carrying coals to Newcastle to truck beach sand to a beach’
    • ‘forget taking coals to Newcastle, meet the successful businessman who's selling water to Scotland’
    • ‘Although it might sound a bit like selling coals to Newcastle, exporting daffodils to Holland is exactly what bulb growers in Britain are now doing.’
    • ‘It takes a certain kind of cheek for a Russian opera company to bring Carmen to Paris - the operatic equivalent of coals to Newcastle.’
    • ‘It smacks of taking coals to Newcastle but the Forestry Commission hopes it is on to a money spinner by sending wood to Scandinavia.’
    • ‘Carrying beer to Bierfest was on a par with carrying coals to Newcastle or water to the Thames.’
    • ‘Thanks to the poor harvest in France (it was just too hot over there) he actually exported some Wight garlic to a French company - truly an example of selling coals to Newcastle.’


    Early 17th century because Newcastle in NE England was at the centre of a coal-mining area.