Meaning of cockerel in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɒk(ə)r(ə)l/

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  • A young domestic cock.

    ‘Walker explained to me that he had been raising the young cockerel from a chick since last September, and this is his first year showing his birds.’
    • ‘Young cockerels make excellent table fare with juicy, flavorful meat.’
    • ‘In one experiment, the cockerels were allowed to copulate in the presence of none, one, or three male competitors.’
    • ‘My mother kept chickens until all four hens and the three cockerels were stolen just over two weeks ago by the local kids.’
    • ‘However, we still have lots of animals who desperately need loving homes, particularly rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, hens, even cockerels.’
    • ‘A few farms run cockerels with the hens, because they help to calm the flock.’
    • ‘Now, at 10, she has 20 hens, five cockerels and some ducks for which she lovingly cares.’
    • ‘This is a real country garden, with hens running riot in the orchard and a cockerel lording it on the compost heap.’
    • ‘Holders were ordered to lower the ceiling height of their chicken coops as, apparently, cockerels cannot crow unless they can throw their heads back.’
    • ‘The only other animal to be seen was a cockerel, to which one presumed was attached some monetary value.’
    • ‘It is hoped that the cockerel will suitably adapt his behaviour to the surroundings in which he will find himself.’
    • ‘About half-way back up the hill, pausing for a breather, I spied a couple of beautiful little cockerels, hiding in the hedge.’
    • ‘As the sun was sinking below the horizon, we relaxed by the pool, sipping cognac and snoozing as the cockerels strutted about on the lawn nearby.’
    • ‘Two of the farmyard cockerels had been cooked for the dinner and served with flowery potatoes and vegetables.’
    • ‘Unwanted baby rabbits and cockerels were abandoned in freezing conditions outside an environmental centre.’
    • ‘Many local children play on the dirt grounds around this farm with the cockerels running loose all day.’
    • ‘The cockerels were strutting up and down in their enclosure like generals making plans for war.’
    • ‘Flies buzzed, cockerels crowed, goats bleated and a chorus of dogs was howling furiously.’
    • ‘She also wore a brightly coloured head piece that mimicked the spreading feathers of a cockerel's tail.’
    • ‘It is believed the cockerel was stolen by people who wanted to profit from the illegal practice of cock fighting.’
    rooster, cockerel, male fowl, capon


Middle English diminutive of cock.