Meaning of cockloft in English:



  • A small upper loft under the ridge of a roof.

    • ‘As the ceilings were pulled, fire was moving across the cockloft from the adjacent hardware store.’
    • ‘There are three reasons for unusually rapid fire spread in a cockloft of a multiple dwelling or row of stores.’
    • ‘There are common cocklofts, large areas, and myriad void spaces through which fire can travel.’
    • ‘The cocklofts have mostly been converted in later times, but they are beautifully preserved in this house.’
    • ‘The fire swept through the halls of the second floor in the north wing of the school, and flashed through the cockloft above the classrooms.’
    • ‘Since poor people cannot afford the high rent prices, they have to jostle in bed-size apartments and partitioned rooms in the cocklofts of aged buildings.’
    • ‘The fire extended rapidly to the exposures on the C-side of the building and started to run the cocklofts of the building.’
    • ‘As more companies arrived and with the row of homes evacuated, crews began to extinguish the fire which roared across the backs and in the cocklofts.’
    • ‘You can push down ceilings out of reach of the standard 6 foot hook found in high cocklofts.’
    • ‘Inside those parks are pavilions, stages, pagodas, cocklofts, mazes leading to quiet places, red flowers and green grasses.’
    • ‘Due to the height of the ceiling and the fact that there were double cocklofts, the decision was to mount a defensive fire fighting operation.’
    • ‘The cockloft was accessible from the service area.’
    • ‘Heated fire gases and flame in a concealed space can travel upwards several floors and break out in a cockloft.’
    • ‘All these wooden row houses had cocklofts - 3 to 4-foot attic spaces between the top apartment and the roof connected through rows of buildings.’
    • ‘My coverage area is made up of mostly row homes with common cocklofts.’
    • ‘The house comprised a kitchen, a little hall, lower parlour, pantry, two cellars, a hall above stairs, an upper parlour and four chambers with cocklofts above.’
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