Meaning of cocktail dress in English:

cocktail dress


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  • An elegant dress suitable for smart social occasions, falling to just below or just above the knee.

    ‘the actress wore a chic black cocktail dress’
    • ‘The event is black tie or leisure suit, and cocktail dress or formal gown for the ladies.’
    • ‘Dressed in a ravishing cocktail dress of a silky dark blue, she smiled at both of them widely brown eyes twinkling.’
    • ‘If it was an A-line cocktail dress with a dusting of floral accents, it would have been a much better fit within the overall collection.’
    • ‘There are some styles that actually look exactly like and can be used as a cocktail dress.’
    • ‘Forget about it if you were trying to find a bra to suit that backless cocktail dress or strapless evening gown!’
    • ‘She shivers in her cocktail dress and he tells her to put on something sensible, like one of his sweaters.’
    • ‘Her hair was swept into a lovely updo, her black cocktail dress softly hugged her curves, and her jewelry, a single strand of pearls, was subdued and lovely.’
    • ‘She was in a brown cocktail dress, because she had been out ‘networking’ all night at various clubs around the city.’
    • ‘My mom and I are scouring New York City for a cream-colored cocktail dress that will show off my long legs.’
    • ‘His mother walked into the room wearing a black cocktail dress.’
    • ‘The strangest thing about her was her outfit; she wore a white cocktail dress covered with small black polka dots.’
    • ‘Trent watched Ally walk away from him, her black cocktail dress hugging her in all the perfect places.’
    • ‘She wore a short cocktail dress and high-heeled sandals but still, she looked gorgeous.’
    • ‘She apparently didn't care much about getting water all over her designer cocktail dress.’
    • ‘It was a cocktail dress that Lucy had bought her two years ago for the exhibits she attends to show off her pieces.’
    • ‘She was mowing the lawn in a cocktail dress with a pair of yellow high heels.’
    • ‘Have you ever tried buying a cocktail dress at this time of year, for example?’
    • ‘It is astonishing what you can get away with when you deliver it in a cocktail dress with disarming charm.’
    • ‘So I showed up in a cocktail dress with ruffles down the back and my hair up in a chignon.’
    • ‘Ok, the fluffy pink brocade cocktail dress is hard to miss.’