Meaning of cocoa-coloured in English:



  • Of a brown colour like that of cocoa powder.

    • ‘As he began speaking, he lowered his small cocoa-coloured eyes and stared intensely at the ground.’
    • ‘They have to have a bright cream background color with distinctive cocoa-colored markings.’
    • ‘The walls are pale beige with lots of white wood trim and a few cocoa-colored accents.’
    • ‘J. B. is sporting hipster shades and a cocoa-colored cowboy hat.’
    • ‘He disappeared into an anteroom for about 10 minutes and then emerged with a small paper bag filled with a cocoa-colored powder and an envelope containing brown pellets that looked to me like rabbit dung.’
    • ‘Gazing from the brink of Utah's Dead Horse Point State Park, with the cocoa-colored Colorado River swirling 2,000 feet below, I tick off these sandstone formations, trying to memorize the ingredients of the geologic layer cake that surrounds me.’
    • ‘This is a big, beautiful, multimillion-dollar space with dark wood columns, cocoa-colored walls and tablecloths and mural-style paintings of cattle.’
    • ‘His hostess, Lady Savile, was in black satin with a chiffon Directoire coat outlined with oxydized silver embroideries and a pale cocoa-colored ostrich feather encircling the crown of her black hat.’
    hazel, chocolate-coloured, coffee-coloured, cocoa-coloured, nut brown