Meaning of codger in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɒdʒə/

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informal, derogatory
  • An elderly man.

    • ‘ old codgers harping on about yesteryear’
    • ‘George Jackson successfully defended his seniors championship for old codgers over the age of fifty.’
    • ‘Geezers and codgers well remember how the first steel shafts were painted yellow or brown to resemble hickory.’
    • ‘The younger punters want to check out whether these old codgers deserve legendary status.’
    • ‘‘I don't think the lads see me as an ancient codger and I certainly don't feel that way,’ he says.’
    • ‘Since the new drug benefit doesn't kick in until after the election, the codgers won't realize they've been duped until it's too late.’
    • ‘Some of the old codgers are probably in irreversible decline and the best years of their lives are certainly over.’
    • ‘I have a nasty feeling unless something is done when all the old codgers like me are gone I don't know if it will still be remembered.’
    • ‘Might TV news tilt in favor of prescription benefits for senior citizens because the producers know many of their viewers are codgers?’
    • ‘The old codgers' advocacy group - AARP - pays only 17 per cent of its revenue in administration.’
    • ‘I've been introduced to a couple of codgers who have created a fabulous documented account of information on every reasonably major club and league in the country.’
    man, boy


Mid 18th century perhaps a variant of cadger (see cadge).