Meaning of cohesiveness in English:


Pronunciation /kəʊˈhiːsɪvnəs/


mass noun
  • The quality of forming a united whole.

    ‘the film lacks cohesiveness’
    • ‘a sense of national pride and internal cohesiveness’
    • ‘Our first goal was to bring some form of narrative cohesiveness to the story.’
    • ‘There is a lack of community cohesiveness, and the people are generally more focused on immediate and individual economic needs.’
    • ‘The cohesiveness and courage of the defense, despite the decimation of the command and control system, has been a revelation.’
    • ‘The group's songwriting maturity and increasing musical cohesiveness led to the group's producing its most clearly honed work.’
    • ‘The district contains several examples of homes that are not sites of cohesiveness and safety.’
    • ‘The networks are sufficiently strong that members can come and go without threatening the cohesiveness of the overall partnership.’
    • ‘The union's leadership became more politicized in the late 1980s, their bargaining power aided by the cohesiveness of the organization.’
    • ‘Throughout the islands, food is not only valued for sustenance, it is used to create and maintain cohesiveness.’
    • ‘They formed even tighter links with each other, relying on ethnic cohesiveness not only for moral support, but financial as well.’
    • ‘The use of individual replacements produced serious concern that the army would have to create group cohesiveness where none existed.’