Meaning of cold warrior in English:

cold warrior

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  • A person who promotes a cold war.

    ‘there are cold warriors on both sides who want to keep things the way they were’
    • ‘For the cold warriors it became a term of abuse that could be thrust on fascist and Communist regimes alike, thereby blurring any differences between them.’
    • ‘To be sure, her latest book can be criticized for its excessive enthusiasm for Joe McCarthy and its indiscriminate attacks on Democratic cold warriors.’
    • ‘Kennedy was as tough a cold warrior as anyone, but we didn't win because he stared down Khrushchev and made him blink, we won because he was smart enough to take a good deal when he saw it.’
    • ‘One of the important things that led to my work in these two books was that I was a cold warrior.’
    • ‘Raimondo shows convincingly that William Buckley and other cold warriors derailed American conservatism, so far as foreign policy is concerned.’
    • ‘This issue became a lightning rod for old cold warriors on the executive council, the main leadership body of the federation.’
    • ‘When the cold war ended, ideology went by the wayside, according to cold warriors like Francis Fukuyama, with whom Michaels agrees on this limited point.’
    • ‘Lifestyle branding filled shopping's ‘meaning’ vacuum for a time, but it wasn't enough to satisfy the ambitions of the old-school cold warriors.’
    • ‘Mr Atkinson, a cold warrior, on the other hand seems to be reading history through old war movies and press releases from the White House.’
    • ‘Among the most aggressive cold warriors, Johnson determined to halt Soviet and Chinese expansion.’
    • ‘McAuley the militant Christian was also a cold warrior.’
    • ‘Much as liberals like to posthumously remember Kennedy as an ardent liberal champion, he was in fact an ardent cold warrior.’
    • ‘On the former point, this reviewer continues to be amazed by the schoolboy excitement upon their first visits to China evident in the memoirs of Kissinger and Brzezinski, supposedly two battle-hardened cold warriors.’
    • ‘His pacifist friends and his associates in the black freedom movement applauded his integrity and courage, and they stood by him when cold warriors and the defenders of the racial status quo launched attacks on him.’
    • ‘How Kennan's prescription would eventually serve to overcome these obstacles was far from clear, one reason he found himself attacked by strident cold warriors.’
    • ‘Canadians on the whole were not fervent cold warriors.’
    • ‘To cold warriors, the tribal traditions of communal land use and ownership patterns constituted Socialism.’
    • ‘Not unlike Nixon, Ronald Reagan saw himself as a cold warrior.’
    • ‘Henry Kissinger, one-time Secretary of State to two Republican presidents and renowned cold warrior has written a book entitled Does America Need a Foreign Policy?’
    • ‘We haven't seen its equal since JFK won his bet with Khrushchev and emerged into history as a steely eyed cold warrior instead of the man who started World War III.’