Meaning of collaborative in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈlabərətɪv/

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  • Produced by or involving two or more parties working together.

    ‘collaborative research’
    • ‘The new practice enables people to view business together and seek collaborative solutions.’
    • ‘Inside Scotland, we must become more cooperative and collaborative at every level.’
    • ‘The work is very adversarial whereas what I do now is cooperative and collaborative.’
    • ‘Another challenge is that the competitiveness of medical research can hamper collaborative research.’
    • ‘Collaboration between the two laboratories was funded by a NATO collaborative research grant.’
    • ‘In the next two years they plan to form a collaborative network to further research.’
    • ‘It is time to start new international collaborative ventures in pure science research, he says.’
    • ‘Through collaborative efforts children share skills and expertise in learning.’
    • ‘We also discuss joint ventures and other collaborative agreements between companies.’
    • ‘The set is a loose, three-way group improvisation in which the leader plays an entirely collaborative part.’
    • ‘Councillors now hope this new initiative will encourage a more collaborative and open approach to local politics.’
    • ‘Almost every camper either wrote a letter of his own or signed a collaborative effort.’
    • ‘Music can happen with equal ease as a solo or collaborative venture, it seems to me.’
    • ‘We will foster a collaborative working relationship for effective decision making.’
    • ‘He or she should show how a collaborative world is really safer than a dominating one.’
    • ‘Wasn't the first series a collaborative effort with a couple of others?’
    • ‘Many of the films were collaborative efforts between the film department and performing arts students.’
    • ‘The project is collaborative by nature and is a successful example of a public and private sector partnership.’
    • ‘Some blogs are collaborative, though each separate post is usually signed.’
    • ‘Then, creatively he is wonderful to work with because he's so collaborative.’
    collaborative, collective, communal, combined, common, joint, shared, mutual, united, unified, allied, cross-party, pooled, mass, concerted, coordinated, interactive, unanimous, harmonious