Meaning of collectable in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈlɛktəbl/


(also collectible)
  • 1

    (also collectible)
    (of an item) worth collecting; of interest to a collector.

    ‘his books became increasingly collectible classics’
    • ‘collectable coins’
    • ‘This beautifully-packaged double set includes not only the big musical numbers her fans will already know but also an entire album's worth of new and collectable recordings.’
    • ‘The latest edition of Raw Vision reports on the growing interest in a highly collectable strand of outsider art, the Victorian Spar Box.’
    • ‘Swindon police discovered £2,000 worth of the collectable toys during a raid earlier this year.’
    • ‘If you like the look of transferware and aren't interested in collectible value, some companies, such as Spode, are still producing old patterns or releasing new ones.’
    • ‘Despite this relative success, production of the roadster is to stop, and those who study such things, reckon it will become a classic, collectable sports car.’
    • ‘Banks will loan money secured by reputable appraisals of collectable coins.’
    • ‘Whether they are valuable for their collectible worth or for their sentiment, items that remind you of a special trip, time, or person should be readily accessible.’
    • ‘Strange, though Ian, how half-a-dozen years can turn a crass old banger into a collectable classic.’
    • ‘The sale of collectible postage stamps and coins also constitutes a major part of the republic's revenue.’
    • ‘Granted, a lot of my stuff isn't really for young kids because it's collectible and worth a lot of money, like my Miss History Dolls and my Partridge Family board game.’
    • ‘The very collectable 1914 vintage could have spent three years in an oak barrel and 86 in the bottle.’
    • ‘I feel this set is destined to be collectable, so don't hesitate if you have any interest in the musicians, the music, or the worthwhile concept.’
    • ‘This wall plaque is worth about £120 - Boer War items are quite collectable.’
    • ‘I don't have the time to attend gun shows or spend a lot of time rummaging through the gun listings looking for World War II vintage collectible firearms.’
    • ‘These two photo portfolios could be collectible items for anyone interested in mineral photography, and they certainly would make fine gifts.’
    • ‘He was also an accomplished driver and mechanic, and an expert on antique and collectible toys.’
    • ‘Peter Sheen, Ireland's only professional coin and medal expert, will be on hand throughout the day to value coins, postcards, photographs and many other collectable items.’
    • ‘I'm not completely in favour of the idea because whereas collectable small antiques increase in value, cash deposits are currently running at an interest rate which, in real terms, is actually yielding a negative return.’
    • ‘Small is beautiful in the world of antiques where miniature furniture has become so collectable that some of the highest quality pieces are selling for more than the real thing.’
    • ‘He lived in a big old house, full from floor to ceiling, in every nook and cranny, with collectible items.’
    old, antiquarian, collectable
  • 2Able to be collected.

    ‘a hire car, collectable on your arrival’
    • ‘He said using the new billing system, councils would be able to keep track of their collectable revenues.’
    • ‘All over Sligo and elsewhere in the country, a host of volunteer angels will be on the streets on Angel Day, 12 th November, selling the collectable Angel pins for €2 each.’
    • ‘I didn't encounter Nutella again for a decade. 1996 is remembered both as the year I left home and the year Ferrero brought out The Simpsons collectable Nutella glasses.’
    • ‘Bruce MacKenzie of NBN will host the evening and oversee a memorabilia auction as well as give away promotional and collectable items from World Cup sponsors.’
    • ‘Second, there are toys like transforming robots, robot pets and collectable card games like Pokemon and Yugi-Oh.’
    • ‘Some smart honcho at Fox will have the movie released on DVD to coincide with Election Day, in collectable red or blue cases.’


(also collectibles)
  • An item valued and sought by collectors.

    ‘the auction attracted professional dealers trading in quality small collectables’
    • ‘You also receive a certificate of authentication that adds additional value to these collectables.’
    • ‘Hundreds of people went to the museum's D4 hangar to have items valued and show off their collectables of the future.’
    • ‘The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is calling upon artists and collectors to make donations of original art and rare collectibles to assist in summer fundraising.’
    • ‘The astonishing collection of antiques, bygones and collectibles of Lincolnshire artist Colin Carr is expected to attract hundreds of fans.’
    • ‘Alan Coutts, a leading UK ceramics collector and dealer, believes that Scottish collectables and antiques are providing a welcome alternative to lacklustre pension plans.’
    • ‘The firm sells high quality china, glass and collectables.’
    • ‘Just last week, a joiner working in Hampden brought in a collection of T-shirts, match tickets, and other collectables.’
    • ‘Many of the popular, but unofficial collectibles being sold to mark the country's 55th inauguration are made overseas.’
    • ‘Christie's had an auction offering a number of Asian collectibles, including an important bronze group of Shiva and Parvati from the Chola dynasty.’
    • ‘Hidden across Scotland are hundreds of objets d' art, paintings, antique furniture and collectibles stashed away in private houses that you and I have a right to see.’
    • ‘This is the division in charge of recovering lost paintings and drawings, and their jurisdiction extends to various collectibles.’
    • ‘But Canadians who are into collectibles might want to consider picking up a first edition of Busted Flush, Smith's latest novel.’
    • ‘Their museum sells books, clothing and collectibles.’
    • ‘The rugs, which use vegetable dyes, became popular collectibles after the 1979 Russian invasion of Afghanistan.’
    • ‘There will be a diverse selection of items for sale including furniture, antiquarian books, linen and lace, china and collectibles.’
    • ‘But space, specifically space toys and robots, is certainly one of the fastest growing areas in the world of collectibles.’
    • ‘Vintage Shanghai posters have in recent years become a much sought-after item among enthusiasts of Oriental collectibles.’
    • ‘Stamps and philatelic collectibles can be ordered online.’
    • ‘However, with perseverance and patience, you will be sure to find that perfect antique collectible you have been seeking.’
    • ‘Knowing that an antique, a collectable, an objet d' art might add a touch of classic grace to your home is one thing, actually picking out that object and finding the courage to acquire it is something else.’