Meaning of collective bargaining in English:

collective bargaining


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mass noun
  • Negotiation of wages and other conditions of employment by an organized body of employees.

    ‘He wanted a pragmatic organization of skilled workers committed to collective bargaining for better wages and conditions.’
    • ‘The trend away from traditional national wage contracts and collective bargaining is in full swing.’
    • ‘The final section engages critically with the dynamics of collective bargaining at a global level.’
    • ‘Thus, joint regulation of employment through collective bargaining grew in importance while unilateral regulation declined.’
    • ‘The Fair Trade label would require growers to pay a fair wage and to permit collective bargaining.’
    • ‘It sought to achieve this by regulating wages and by encouraging collective bargaining.’
    • ‘Unions use collective bargaining to help set wages and salaries and worker benefits.’
    • ‘All employees take the gains of collective bargaining negotiated for their particular workgroup by a union, whether or not they are members of it.’
    • ‘Compulsory collective bargaining would impose on employers an obligation to conduct negotiations with trade unions.’
    • ‘Auckland University was ordered by the Employment Court to participate in collective bargaining earlier this month.’
    • ‘A few of us battled hard against massed ranks of those claiming that a national minimum wage would destroy the principle of free collective bargaining.’
    • ‘That means that workers do not have the right to organise and conduct collective bargaining, which is something that we take for granted.’
    • ‘We have now managed to re-establish collective bargaining.’
    • ‘Details like wages and linking shorter hours to more flexible work organisation were left to collective bargaining.’
    • ‘That's an issue that is becoming increasing sharp as employers seek to undermine collective bargaining.’
    • ‘We simply need a neutral environment with some protections for collective bargaining and organising.’
    • ‘I think the imbalance in collective bargaining is wrong, and I think that the minimum conditions are far too minimal.’
    • ‘Wage differentials were decreased through government policy and collective bargaining.’
    • ‘Five main trade unions are recognized and have negotiation rights on pay and conditions and health and safety via collective bargaining.’
    • ‘If it's accurate, and it means what it says, it presumably means that unionisation and collective bargaining would be illegal.’