Meaning of collective ownership in English:

collective ownership

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mass noun
  • Ownership of something, typically land or industrial assets, by all members of a group for the mutual benefit of all.

    ‘In fact, it meant the further loss of the land by placing the land, effectively, under individual ownership rather than collective ownership, and enabling it to be on-sold.’
    • ‘They contradicted his view that the working class must engage in political action to seize state power, and then in the period of the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ take all the capitalist enterprises into collective ownership.’
    • ‘He said as a socialist state, the Constitution stipulates China's economic basis is socialist public ownership and collective ownership.’
    • ‘Thus, over 20 years after the People's Communes were dissolved, the key neglected issue of who owns the land, which remains nominally in collective ownership, is at last being confronted.’
    • ‘Since there is no rights-bearing collective entity, there can be no legitimate collective ownership, only a collection of individual owners.’
    • ‘As far as land ownership is concerned, collective ownership has to be recognized.’
    • ‘Many on the far left believed it possible to move on immediately from collective ownership to full national ownership, under which China's peasants would be State wage-earners.’
    • ‘It is conventional to associate capitalism with the private ownership of the means of production and socialism with collective ownership.’
    • ‘Canada has jurisprudence around indigenous forms of collective ownership, but in this country we seem to be simply incapable of dealing with the issue because the Crown is absolutely paranoid about losing control and power.’
    • ‘The early leasing models had a technical problem with collective ownership, but this could be easily fixed with a limited liability company as in the German GmbH or with a closely held joint stock company.’
    • ‘Our hostility to communism foreclosed more honest discussions about cooperation and collective ownership as organizing principles.’
    • ‘Public ownership of enterprises remains primary says Jiang but this rests among other forms of ownership - collective ownership, private ownership and foreign ownership.’
    • ‘Instead, increasing centralisation, micromanagement, and a general sense of disempowerment are causing us all to lose our sense of collective ownership.’
    • ‘And that's what makes collective ownership not just philosophically appealing, but economically competitive as well.’
    • ‘Site-based management is seen as a way to gain collective ownership of decisions influencing all stakeholders.’
    • ‘Recent moves by some local Highland and Island communities to ‘buy out’ their owners and establish collective ownership have elicited widespread popular support.’
    • ‘She noted that many visitors were proud to see that Australia also held many significant treasures, such as Shakespeare's first folio, and that there was a sense of collective ownership.’
    • ‘It also provided an immediate transparency in decision making over the project itself and consequently a sense of collective ownership.’
    • ‘But finally, by popular pressure, we were able to break this contract and return water to collective ownership.’
    • ‘The restructured electricity system puts the future of electricity in BC in the hands of the private sector, thereby putting at risk all the public advantages that derive from the collective ownership of electricity resources.’