Meaning of colonialist in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈləʊnɪəlɪst/

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  • A person who supports the practice of gaining political control over other countries and occupying them with settlers.

    ‘16th century Spanish colonialists in the Caribbean’
    • ‘The song was originally written to mock the colonialists.’
    • ‘The colonialist has a smug, secure sneer on his face, like a dire dare to retaliate.’
    • ‘He could easily have been depicted as a racist colonialist.’
    • ‘He suggests that the ideological damage done by the missionaries exceeded the material damage inflicted by the colonialists.’
    • ‘The colonialists and the resistance both spoke Portuguese, but they fought a bitter war of national liberation.’
    • ‘The colonialist never seriously promoted the religious conversion of the colonized.’
    • ‘Like the colonialists of yore, they have their own agenda, an agenda that might fit a little too snugly into the right wing's overall vision for the country.’
    • ‘They have the desire to carve a tribal land from out of the three countries created somewhat arbitrarily by the colonialists.’
    • ‘For the child of the colonialist, violence was present in the situation itself, and was a social force which produced him.’


  • Characteristic of or involving the practice of gaining political control over other countries and occupying them with settlers.

    ‘the nation's colonialist history’
    • ‘Their treatment of indigenous peoples closely follows the example of all colonialist powers.’
    • ‘It is not too much to say that the colonialist condition and its sectarian history drove a wedge between the populace and its writers.’
    • ‘They denounced the fundamental aspect of the colonialist and reactionary plot to detach the struggle for unity from the struggle for liberation.’
    • ‘It is giving the due respect to hundreds of millions of human beings who demonstrated against this colonialist war.’
    • ‘In part, it is a way of putting our capabilities for liberating ourselves from the colonialist yoke to the test.’
    • ‘His seminal book postulated that depictions of the East by Western painters and writers had a Eurocentric, colonialist subtext.’
    • ‘It is the moral camouflage of an aggressive national movement whose purpose is to obscure its colonialist, expansionist nature.’
    • ‘There is an inevitable logic to such colonialist enterprises.’
    • ‘It is a precondition for the ruling elite's ability to pursue a militarist and colonialist strategy.’
    • ‘There is a predatory and illegal war of colonialist plunder being waged by this administration.’