Meaning of colourize in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkʌlərʌɪz/


(also colorize)
[with object]
  • Add colour to (a black and white film)

    ‘a number of the old classics have been colourized’
    • ‘Early attempts by mogul Ted Turner to colorize classic films went almost nowhere, thanks to a lack of interest from consumers and underwhelming results.’
    • ‘Rubin called for her black-and-white films to be colorized by filters, randomly operated by the projectionists.’
    • ‘This DVD release from Fox contains a new colorized print of the film.’
    • ‘What possible financial difference could it make to a contemporary film star whether or not some old Bogart movie is colorized?’
    • ‘It is one of a handful of films that really doesn't have to be colorized.’
    • ‘Other attendees expressed displeasure with Turner's decision to colorize the cinematic classic.’
    • ‘Sony has released two versions of this set - one in black and white and another which has been colorized.’
    • ‘Sandrew and his colleagues next selected several hundred frames or ‘cuts’ to colorize out of the approximately 175,000 in the entire film.’
    • ‘If you saw it in color, it was colorized, I'm sure.’
    • ‘He didn't get royalties from the movie for a very long time, but it reached a huge audience as a result of its public domain status, and was even colorized.’
    • ‘When performers appear in full-frame shots, their bodies or instruments are garishly colorized.’
    • ‘As the camera pans over photographs of his life - most of them digitally altered or colourized for maximum visual impact - Evans reads from his book.’
    • ‘There are scenes that are black-and-white (or so leeched of color as to appear almost without hue) and others that appear intentionally colorized.’
    • ‘They were next frustrated in their efforts to prohibit the copyrighting of colorized films.’
    • ‘The other side of the disc contains a colourized version that subverts the noir mood of the film.’
    • ‘But their reasons for asserting copyright can be the subject of reasonable disagreement (example, colorized films).’
    • ‘And oh, if you aren't unhappy enough with what you see of these black and white films, Fox also provides pallid colourized versions to make you even more angry.’
    • ‘It soon began appearing on video in both scratchy black and white and colourized versions from nearly every public domain house around.’