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come down

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phrasal verb

  • 1(of rain or snow) fall, in particular fall heavily.

    ‘I watched the rain come down hard on the windows’
    • ‘the snow was coming down heavily’
  • 2(of a building or other structure) collapse or be demolished.

    ‘we were lucky the bridge didn't come down’
    • ‘the whole ceiling had to come down’
    • ‘When the collapse started, the building came down so incredibly fast that none of them had a chance to react.’
    • ‘The police department knew that the buildings were coming down.’
    • ‘And the fact that one brick or two bricks are unconstitutional doesn't mean the entire structure ought to come down.’
    • ‘The old Victorian buildings have since come down amid plans for a business park which would create 1,200 office jobs, and a new sports centre.’
    • ‘There are still a few old industrial buildings to come down, but eventually the area will be a blend of residential and recreational facilities.’
    • ‘It happened this morning, and now officials are worried more of that building could come down.’
    • ‘They succeeded in knocking a hole in one wall, but still the building wouldn't come down.’
    • ‘Never in my wildest imagination did I think these buildings were going to come down.’
    • ‘Nearly 20 trees came down in a single building operation.’
    • ‘One survivor said the building came down in the blink of an eye.’
    1. 2.1(of an aircraft) crash or crash-land.
      ‘the aircraft came down during an attempt to land in bad weather’
      • ‘They saw some actual video from toll plaza cameras that recorded the aircraft coming down.’
      • ‘The two escaped with minor injuries when the aircraft came down in County Meath.’
      • ‘He is firstly seeking details of an aircraft which came down near his house.’
      • ‘The remotely piloted aircraft came down in the ocean, within the confines of the test range, west of the facility.’
      • ‘It was great fun watching people go grey as they heard how unlikely it was for anybody to survive should their aircraft come down at six hundred miles an hour into a mountain range.’
      • ‘A local recently told the Heritage Trust that she saw the aircraft come down in the sea, and later saw the pilot sitting on the wing waiting to be rescued.’
      • ‘I mean, there is no doubt that those two planes came down because they crashed into each other.’
      • ‘For example, when a helicopter comes down the whole descent and eventual crash is depicted in intricate detail.’
      • ‘He died after the aircraft in which he was travelling came down in the south of the country.’
      • ‘He used his cell phone to call his father who was the local sheriff and his father told him to follow the aircraft and report where it came down.’
      drop, drop down, plummet, descend, come down, go down, plunge, sink, dive, nosedive, tumble, pitch
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  • 3Be handed down by tradition or inheritance.

    • ‘the name has come down from the last century’
  • 4Reach a decision or recommendation in favour of one side or another.

    ‘advisers and inspectors came down on our side’
    • ‘This exercise could no doubt produce different answers but, for my own part, I come down decisively on the side of the plaintiff.’
    • ‘I was very much of the opinion that it was definitional, but I did side with Jean in the second half of the debate where I came down against skulking.’
    • ‘The prison review group came down against needle exchanges because of an ‘unacceptable’ risk to prison officers.’
    • ‘I thought long and hard about putting photos in this blog, and eventually came down against it as a general working principle.’
    • ‘In our submission, that is not obvious from a reading of the various decisions of the High Court which have come down in favour of not disturbing such verdicts.’
    • ‘On 28 May, after three days of discussions, the British cabinet finally came down against Halifax.’
    • ‘I have come down in favour of passing the bill, and I have advised the Progressives to come down in favour of passing it.’
    • ‘He comes down in favour of a voluntary system in which family members can choose whether or not to pool part or all of their incomes for tax purposes, and he list various ways in which this might be done in practice.’
    • ‘But I have a really bad feeling that these people tend to err on whichever side comes down in their favor.’
    • ‘However, he comes down in favour of the company on this key issue.’
    decide, conclude, settle, reach a decision
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  • 5 informal Experience the lessening of an excited or euphoric feeling, especially one produced by a narcotic drug.

    • ‘I felt like a raver who has just come down from an ecstasy tablet’
    • ‘We were later explained that this woman was probably coming down from taking drugs the night before and was experiencing excruciating pain in the process.’
    • ‘I heard tell that the smoothies may or may not be marketed as aids to coming down off of various illicit drugs.’
    • ‘The drug had worn off and I could feel myself coming down.’
    • ‘No one has gotten closer to the beauty and loneliness of the drug culture, where everything, finally, is about coming down.’
    • ‘This film's characters don't develop and, in a crystal meth haze, they never quite come down from their high.’
    • ‘New pillowtop mattresses, fleece blankets and moldable pillows await after you come down from your caffeine high.’
    • ‘Has the country come down from its collective trip down memory lane after last weekend's outdoor hockey extravaganza in Edmonton?’
    • ‘All in all, the night was nearly impossible to come down from.’
  • 6British Leave a university, especially Oxford or Cambridge, after finishing one's studies.

    ‘Jarvis came down from Cambridge with a degree in engineering’
    • ‘I married Ann when we came down from Cambridge in 1960, and we had a three-week honeymoon in Sicily.’