Meaning of come to grips with in English:

come to grips with

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(also get to grips with)
  • 1Begin to deal with or understand.

    ‘the committee has failed to come to grips with the problem’
    • ‘at the moment, she's getting to grips with the job’
    • ‘Meanwhile, at home Australians began coming to grips with their new place in the post-war world.’
    • ‘A partially-disabled legal expert has started a new business to help firms get to grips with tough new laws.’
    • ‘Last week I spent much of my Easter break trying to get to grips with all the financial paperwork that I've failed to deal with recently.’
    • ‘Nicola carried out on the spot interviews with many of the stallholders and got to grips with what makes them tick.’
    • ‘This raises a few practical problems that I really don't think Paul has got to grips with.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, neither candidate quite comes to grips with the underlying forces driving health costs higher.’
    • ‘There are also papers and exams that force the students to come to grips with the wider issues.’
    • ‘Kitty is a huge force in Levin's life, helping him to come to grips with his lifelong struggle with faith and religion.’
    • ‘Make sure you have got to grips with the contents of one lesson before moving on to the next.’
    • ‘He reclaimed his life two years ago when he came to grips with his illness and devoted himself to helping others who were also homeless and H.I.V.-positive.’
    deal with, cope with, handle, grasp, grasp the nettle of
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  • 2Engage in combat with.

    ‘British forces never came to grips with the enemy’
    • ‘Only then could the elite of Britain's armed forces really get to grips with the enemy.’
    • ‘Irrespective of the nature and scope of our operations, we must prepare to fight Germany by actually coming to grips with and defeating her ground forces and definitely breaking her will to combat.’