Meaning of comfort food in English:

comfort food

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mass noun
  • Food that provides consolation or a feeling of well-being, typically having a high sugar or carbohydrate content and associated with childhood or home cooking.

    ‘A bowl of shiny red apples suggests comfort food and good down-home cooking.’
    • ‘As the days get shorter and cooler we tend to lust after comfort food - cakes and biscuits made with fragrant spices that taste as good as they smell.’
    • ‘For today's lunch, I minced a bunch of kale in my food processor and added a tablespoon to my comfort food - tomato soup.’
    • ‘Peanut butter, another flavor associated with comfort food, was dominant in 2002.’
    • ‘The menu has a wide selection on offer, with everything from children's meals and snacks to comfort food and fresh seafood and game cooked with a contemporary twist.’
    • ‘Thanks also to all the venues who hosted the quiz and provided comfort and comfort food, to keep the energy levels high.’
    • ‘We make traditional farmhouse food, comfort food, and we don't cut corners.’
    • ‘Cassoulet is very traditional French comfort food comprised of sausage, beans, and pieces of meat.’
    • ‘Main courses range from sandwiches and burgers to well-presented comfort food such as haddock and chips and haggis, neeps and tatties.’
    • ‘Since we have all eaten dire cauliflower cheese, why not transform this comfort food with top-quality ingredients?’
    • ‘My comfort food - the food that reminds me of being a child - is egg and chips.’
    • ‘Cereal is comfort food to me, more than mashed potatoes, more than the smell of a roasted turkey, more than cream corn and more than pancakes.’
    • ‘Instead the sun shone, the winter crops kept on growing greener and greener, and I was more in the mood for salad than cold weather comfort food when it came to lunch.’
    • ‘This was comfort food served in a comfortable place.’
    • ‘Tom opted for more comfort food for his main course.’
    • ‘Stews are the ultimate comfort food particularly in cold weather.’
    • ‘My only gripe was that it was slightly too dry and the spinach a little bitter, although on the whole this was a more than adequate serving of comfort food.’
    • ‘Our other companion ordered the cream of potato soup, which was the epitome of comfort food.’
    • ‘The food itself is superior quality comfort food in enormous portions and the desserts are stunning.’
    • ‘We got the sweet pickle, and we stocked up on milk and carbohydrate-based comfort food.’