Meaning of commenter in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɒmɛntə/


  • A person who expresses an opinion or engages in discussion of an issue or event, especially online in response to an article or blog post.

    ‘the first commenter suggested that the story is a hoax’
    • ‘a regular commenter on many blogs’
    • ‘Some commenters raised objections to the tone of my previous post.’
    • ‘Several commenters registered contrasting views in the same issue of the bulletin.’
    • ‘I'd be curious to hear what commenters old enough to remember the 1988 campaign think about all this.’
    • ‘I invite commenters to elaborate on their favorite misrepresentations in the spinning of this matter.’
    • ‘Sadly, another commenter has found himself unable to comment, although he is still welcome to buy my stuff.’
    • ‘One of my anonymous commenters made this suggestion in the course of a conversation to which I was no longer paying attention.’
    • ‘Note to commenters: this is the sort of case that generates lots of passion.’
    • ‘Some of my commenters will be angry at me for saying the remarks I have quoted are insane and sinful.’
    • ‘It seems to me that various commenters are discussing fundamentally different examples of subjectivity, and therefore talking past each other.’
    • ‘Commenters on the proposed rule also decried low payment rates.’