Meaning of commodification in English:


Pronunciation /kəˌmɒdɪfɪˈkeɪʃn/


mass noun
  • The action or process of treating something as a mere commodity.

    ‘the commodification of knowledge’
    • ‘The inability of the art establishment to reinvent itself is inextricably tied to the commodification of art.’
    • ‘Commodification plays a crucial role in the creation of a self-referential subjectivity in the 17th century.’
    • ‘The commodification of leisure in particular is central to the second chapter.’
    • ‘This ebullient crime caper is the author's bemused look at the commodification of history.’
    • ‘It's an action adventure that has at its heart the commodification of human beings through cloning.’
    • ‘Binding us all into a system that is read by computers the world over, the barcode speaks of a commodification of more than goods.’
    • ‘She is incapable of personal growth because she refuses to face her own commodification and its internalization.’
    • ‘It was a century of unparalleled global expansion of cities, with an attendant acceleration of the process of commodification.’
    • ‘The commodification of life, while outwardly pretty, has no soul.’
    • ‘The trouble with commodification is that there are just some things you can't and shouldn't put a price on.’